Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Remember Me?

You haven't seen much of me in recent weeks, and I have not seen much of you, either! I have been unable to even read my usual fare of quilting blogs since early March. Never mind the reasons for my absence; I do hope I can end April and begin May with a better track record of posting.

I have managed to get a few things accomplished in this long absence. It got to the point that I made myself a list of topics because I had so many things to be shared. I will begin with a follow up on the Canter's Cave retreat from earlier this month - the only 2 blogs I've managed for April were just after the retreat - and I will continue until I finish off all the projects. Let me tell you, there was lots going on!

An evening shot of quilters around the fireplace. Two hardy quilters are still
working at their machines, but everyone else gave in to stiff necks and shoulders, and
decided to relax with some handwork.

A view of our great room; the cutting table is in the foreground.
See the cool way we raised the table to a comfortable height? Those are
plumbing tubes cut to fit.
JoAnn worked on this block from leftover fabrics. She made 3 blocks and
turned it into a table runner. I may have a picture of that table runner; if
so, I will share it.
Susan finished up these little blocks early in our retreat. We had a good time
playing with potential sashing and borders. I hope I get a chance to show you
a picture of her finished quilt.
JoAnn finished off this little wall hanging, which was a long-time UFO.
I believe she finished the binding as well.
Laura worked on these gorgeous stars and set them into
that equally gorgeous cheddar. The finished top is fantastic.
Sheryll has the hexie bug. She is working on the first of
a few blocks needed to make a table topper. Each hexie is
approximately 1.5" across. (Maybe. I am guesstimating.)
Sharon O. worked on these small blocks for a very pretty wall
hanging. Her work is so meticulous. They are all finished now, so I will be
sure to share that in a coming post.
Terry accomplished several things, including these stars, which became part
of a nice-sized throw. This was a UFO kit that she wanted to finish.
Jan is an accomplished hexie girl. She has quite a few Lucy
Boston blocks finished and several more nearly so. I will
devote an entire post to sharing these.
Well, the catching up has begun! Hopefully I can get back into the swing of regular posting again.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. No explanation necessary, Jayne. When you have the time to post, then you do.
    There are really nice projects shared here. I'm hoping to start some Lucy Boston blocks one of these days. Looking forward to seeing versions that others have made. I'm especially drawn to the blue stars with the cheddar setting triangles. I recognize a lot of the blue/cheddar fabrics that Laura used for the stars. Thanks for sharing photos from the retreat.

  2. Cool idea to raise the table. Sore back was the Story of my cutting time. I now use the change table cupboard we no longer needed for changing babies. It's a great height for cutting. I'm a tall girl though 5'9" and sometimes I think I could raise it another couple of inches.


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