Saturday, February 17, 2018

Antebellum Album

In my recent congestion-induced stupor, I came across a pattern distributed by Barbara Brackman that I just had to make.

I can only concentrate on little more than a single block. Ugh.

It was a fun block to make; I got to play in some of my very old fat quarters to find three fabrics that I thought looked right for this block. I will do further research as I regain better mental acuity, but for now I can tell you that it has something to do with the Antebellum period of American history, and I hope to find that it is some sort of a block-a-week type album quilt that would seem typical of Brackman. Stay tuned for more accurate details as I sort it all out.

Happy Quilting, Friends,

Friday, February 16, 2018

Modern Stars

The hubs and I have spent a week feeling rather under the weather, I'm afraid, and that has resulted in very little productivity out of my sewing room for sure. DH has had it since Sunday; my symptoms began to take hold late Tuesday. We've been achy, listless, congested. Ugh.

So I did find the energy to put the 4 modern star blocks together and added borders. That was my big accomplishment all of yesterday. I have the idea that I might hand quilt this using the big-stitch method. I am really drawn to the Baptist Fan design, so I expect I will go with it. Color? Undecided, at this point.

The stars for this wall quilt come from a book by Carrie Nelson called Farmhouse Favorites. The cover quilt, Birdseye, has these stars which really appeal to me, so I figured, let's just see what they look like in this little collection I recently bought. Nice little experiment, yes?

I just now told DH that I intend to wake up in the morning and be perky! I am sick of being sick! I shouldn't complain, because I am generally a very healthy person, and I know some folks are truly sick, but I am just not used to this inability to concentrate and get stuff done.

Wah-wah. I will take some cheese with my whine. *wink*

Happy Quilting, Friends!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Snow Shoo Quilt Top Finished

When one goes for several days without internet, one tends to get more work done - that is true for me, at least. Maybe others have more control about limiting their time on their devices, but not I. *smh*

What I accomplished is a quilt top! Yippee!! and Hooray!!

Snow Shoo is now a completed top and I have to say that this finished better than I expected. I just love how it looks.

This is a very deceiving quilt to figure out without a lot of study. Last year when I was photographing my friend's antique quilts, one of her treasures was this same pattern, and I had a devil of a time figuring out the blocks. Once you know, though, it makes such simple sense. Here's the link with a picture of the antique I copied.

The quilt is made by alternating a Snowball block and a Shoo Fly block - thus the name Snow Shoo. I love the chaining effect that results with the two blocks combined. I was concerned during my construction that my scrappy blues and neutrals would not mesh well together, but I think it looks absolutely gorgeous! I am thrilled with how it has turned out.

 I will not allow any quilt police to have a crack at evaluating this quilt. The fact that a few of my points have missed their marks does not detract in the least from the overall look and I am NOT seeing the flaws - only the beauty. Everyone is with me on this, right??? *wink*

 My quilt is 14 rows long and 13 rows wide. The dimensions are 82"x76". My blocks are 6.5" shoo fly and 6.5" snowballs (finished at 6"). I had intended to make the quilt one row wider and one row longer, but as I put this on the bed I realized that this was plenty big. As a result, however, I have a stack of leftover blocks to find a way to use. We shall see what happens with them. No rush to do it soon, for sure.

So, my journey with Snow Shoo has concluded until such time as I get it quilted. Be sure to stay tuned to see Sharon's Snow Shoo finish. We began this journey together and we will have pictures of hers very soon.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

I'm Okay! Don't Worry About Me!

Since we were covered in ice Wednesday and it didn't melt until Friday, our high-speed internet became disabled. By the time we could call the provider, it was Friday afternoon and you know what that means - no technician available until Monday.

DH and I don't know how to live w/o our internet! 

I at least have my iPhone and iPad which allows some bit of access. DH has nothing. Poor guy.

I am working on the quilt top called Snow Shoo.

Using the chaining technique I learned years ago doing Quilt In A Day projects by Eleanor Burns, I will have this top completed later today.

I am also doing quite a bit of stitching on Lake Effect. That is a project that becomes rather addicting! 

I will soon be back with more regular posting when our service is restored.
Happy Quilting, Friends!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Show and Tell From the Frankfort Girls

It has been awhile since I shared any fantastic projects from my wonderful group of quilting friends. Last Friday morning we met at Terry's for stitching fun and fellowship. Our group has grown to 7 members now, and we just have the best time whenever we are together. Three of the group had some show and tell finishes.

Hostess Terry shows off a California King-size quilt for her son Brian. This pattern is called Lincoln's Quilt and is made with flannels. Can you imagine how heavy this will be?

The next quilt Terry showed us was Andover's Trinkets. What a beautiful quilt! The controlled scrappy look is quite appealing.

Helen, the newbie of our group, shared her William Morris Victoria and Albert quilt. It is stunning! It was a kit. Do I dare add this to my to-do list??

Finally, I want to show you Becky's gorgeous hexagons. She is very near to the point where she will begin joining these. I love them!

How lucky am I to get to sew with such a talented group of seamstresses?! They certainly provide no end of inspiration for me! I hope you are inspired, too.

An update on Snow Shoo from yesterday while Sharon was here: I did about 30 Snowball blocks during the day, and then went back to the sewing machine last night and finished off the rest. All 105 are now DONE! Sharon has started sewing her rows together! We are in the home stretch!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

Monday, February 5, 2018

Snow Shoo Update

I purposely have not written or shared much on Snow Shoo as I am still in the grunt work phase. All 105 Shoo Fly blocks have been done for awhile and I have been focusing on the 105 Snowball blocks. To date I have 62 finished.

To break a big boring job down into doable parts, I generally try to make 10 blocks at a time. I sew all the corners onto the snowballs, and do an extra seam for the HSTs I am saving for later.

Then I take all 10 to the cutting table and trim off the HSTs. I also trim any wild threads from the chain piecing.

I get a nice big snowball and 4 tiny HSTs for my efforts. Fun in small doses. I just don't have the mindset to sit down and chain piece all 105 blocks. And, really, do I have a deadline?? NO. I can sew as I please in whatever method I please.

This stack is all 62 of my Snowball blocks; my method of doing 10 at a time somehow is off - must have miscounted two extras somewhere along the line.

I throw all the HSTs into a basket under the cutting table for a future project. I know what it will be and I will be eager to work on it. I may try the "leaders and enders" method of Bonnie Hunter.

Today Sharon and I are sewing together; she is hard a work on Shoo Fly blocks; perhaps I will get 10 or 20 more Snowballs done.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Lake Effects Developments

As I suspected, interspersing the Snowfall fabrics into my already existing mass of hexies for Lake Effect is working out perfectly. I will let the photographs do the talking.

The picture above shows my earlier hexies and at the very bottom are the Snowfall hexies. I see very easy blending of fabrics going on here. It will be fun to finish off the charm pack and then weave these Snowfall hexies into my existing assortment.

At this point in time, I have done just a small portion of the charm squares. I will use the entire charm pack (I can get two hexies from each 5" square) and then blend and mix the whole bunch.

To read about my earlier concern over the intensity of the reds, click here. I am glad I was cautious at this early stage; I would hate to have moved forward and then later regretted using a red which dissatisfied me.

Today is Slow Sunday Stitching! Come join the party over at Kathy's Quilts!
Happy Quilting, Friends!