Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Just a quick stop today, folks. It's back to OUC for me (I had MLK day off) and I have several items to knock off my list before classes begin.

I recently ordered sewing machine needles from Amazon. Normally I would just run to the store for something like this, but I was ordering something else and needed to spend about 4 more dollars in order to qualify for free shipping. Knowing I needed needles, I just ordered them. About 2 days later, this giant envelop showed up in the mail with this tiny package of needles.

I ask you: is this overkill or what??

Sadly, I have not sewn any Delectable Mountain HSTs as I'd planned, but they are cut, marked and ready. I have also cut all the remaining parts of Elizabeth and am really looking forward to getting time soon to do some marathon sewing.

Here's a sneak peak at the pinks and neutrals I cut yesterday for Elizabeth - 6 assorted neutrals and 8 assorted pinks. I love that I am finally using Pom Pom de Paris. I knew it was waiting for just the right quilt.

More tomorrow, Peeps!
Happy Quilting, Friends!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Elizabeth Details

Last week Sharon and I began working on Elizabeth, a quilt that we set as a goal for the new year. We work so well when we make a plan to do something together. I think it's that "all for one and one for all" mentality of a common task. We have done this before: a year or so ago we each made a red/white quilt; we also each made a Roman Holiday quilt. When we decide that we will work on something "together" it seems we maintain our focus and actually get it done as opposed to letting something else sneak in and steal away our attention.

All that said, we are working on Elizabeth to begin 2017. An amazing quilt to start the year using amazing fabrics from our vast stashes - this makes me very happy indeed, and I think Sharon is stoked about it, too.

Let's get into some of the particulars with my version of this quilt. As we move along, I will gather similar details on Sharon's to provide in a later post.

Book/Designer: Miss Rosie's Spice of Life Quilts (2010) by Carrie Nelson
Block size: 8" square
Quilt size: 68.5" square

My fabric selections include:
Neutrals: Rouinneres (French General) for star background
                Lumiere de Noel (French General) for Delectable Mountain tips
                Pom Pom de Paris (French General) for all other
Reds: Pom Pom de Paris
Blues: Portobello Market, Paisley, Vienna Nights, Park Avenue (all from 3 Sisters)
Brown: Collection for a Cause (Howard Marcus Legacy)
Pinks: Pom Pom de Paris

The star blocks are finished, as you saw in the last post, and today I hope to complete the cutting for the Delectable Mountain blocks. Tomorrow we will have sewing at Terry's, and that would be a good place to get all of those HSTs made, trimmed and - who knows? - maybe even a start on making the blocks.

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Happy Quilting, Friends!

Sunday, January 15, 2017


Yours truly has reached a landmark - I have entered a new decade. Today I am 60 years old. I am doing better than I would have thought with this new set of numbers to deal with. Perhaps it is because I have had several celebrations in recent days. Here are some snapshots of the frivolity.

On Tuesday evening the Frienzies met at Lyn's for dinner. We had Italian potluck, so you see on the left some Zuppa Toscana and meatless lasagna. We also had some yummy appetizers, Italian sodas, 7-layer salad, bread and wine. All fantastic! On the right is my request for birthday cake - Boston Cream Pie. It was always my request growing up, and it'd been years since I'd had it. Still yummy!

On Friday night my kids arranged for us all to go out for dinner in Columbus. They made plans for us to go to a bar/cafe that Kevin and I used to go to as newlyweds - Planks Cafe on Parsons Avenue. Talk about a trip down memory lane. We had some great pizza there; the best part was having all the kids together with us.

Today we've been to Wilmington (Damon's for lunch) where we met all of my siblings (I am the oldest of 5) and our Mom. Spouses and a couple of children also attended. What a nice time; it was not crowded which allowed for us to linger and visit. Totally enjoyed it. My sister Sandy has a birthday on Tuesday, so we were both celebrating.

For me, the celebrating will end with my friends in the card group taking me out for Oriental food on Thursday evening. Whew! Lots of food means I'd better be getting my walking in! The weather is supposed to be warmer this week, so perhaps I will.

For sewing news, I delivered Erin's Diamonds on Friday when we went to Columbus. It looks fantastic on their king-size bed.

And I have finished all the stars necessary for Elizabeth. It has been a fun quilt to work on so far; next up is making 144 little HSTs for the Delectable Mountain blocks; we shall see if I'm still having fun after those are made! I have also been sharing pictures of Elizabeth on Instagram; several have asked about the fabrics I am using so I will do a post in the coming week that provides all the details about fabrics and such. 

Happy Quilting, Friends!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Elizabeth - Making Stars

When Sharon was here Tuesday, we decided on our fabrics, and I began cutting for Elizabeth, one of the big goals for 2017. Sharon had to finish binding a quilt, so she has yet to cut, but that will be forthcoming.

I am making stars now, and gosh they are fast and easy. Instead of making all the star points first, which is what the marking is for in the photo above, I jumped ahead a few steps just because I wanted to see a few stars in their finished state. Oh gosh! I love them! I started off with just these two, then I had to stop for groceries and dinner preparation - geesh!

Today, I've gotten back to them and now I have 5. For the remaining 19, I will make them the way she instructs us to - make all the flying geese units, then build the stars. Sometimes I just have to peek ahead. This may be the equivalent of looking at the last chapter when reading a book - which I never do! 

These are fun to do, and I hope the weekend allows me time to get the remainder done.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Strange Bedfellows

Who would ever think that fabric from Ginny Beyer would be called into service to complete at quilt made of Kaffe Fassett fabrics?

Well, when I was shopping for backings a couple of weeks ago (I wrote about it here), I also bought this gorgeous blue GB fabric to use as a backing for a quilt we are giving to my brother- and sister-in-law.
This quilt is called Bradford's Star. I made it about 3+ ago when Terry needed a variety of samples for her guild and a mystery activity they did at a retreat. It's just been hanging out in my closet ever since. When DH and I decided we wanted to give his brother a quilt, this is the one they picked. Seems perfect for a Florida home, doesn't it?

I am hoping that the backing yardage will be enough to do the job, but just in case, I do still have some of the fabrics to add extensions if necessary.

This will have to be put on a fast-track. I have many irons in the fire, but this needs prompt attention.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Elizabeth Begins!

One of the goals Sharon and I have for early '17 is to  make this gorgeous quilt by Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie's Quilts. It's in her book Spice of Life Quilts and we've been mooning over it for awhile now.

Sharon was here today for sewing (Tuesdays now, since I teach M/W this semester). We spent at least an hour pulling out so many tubs and drawers and bins of fabric - it was quite a workout! I have finally made decisions on my fabric choices, thanks to Sharon's input. Her "eye" is so much better suited to this than mine. It's exciting to think about what we are coming up with! I needed browns and blues; Sharon needed pinks; we both needed backgrounds. Can you envision the chaos?

That's Sharon's tub of Luna Notte (3 Sisters/Moda). Beside it is a stack of miscellaneous pinks and backgrounds. We had some options and had much to consider.

Here we have the book with my choice for one of my neutrals - Rouenneries by French General. My choice for the brown is also pictured - it is Legacy from Howard Marcus/Moda Collection for a Cause.

And my wonderful fat quarter pack of French General's Pom Pom de Paris. How old is this? I have petted this so many times as it's aged in my sewing room - it will be so nice to have it used in an actual quilt at last!

This may be a first - blogging about something as it's happening. Sharon is still sewing; I have cut out most of the parts for the stars. Sewing those will be up next.

But first, we have to go to Frienzies tonight for dinner! Someone in the group is about to enter a new decade this month. We shall celebrate with an Italian dinner at Lyn's. I will take pics and provide a follow up soon.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Recent Purchases

Just after Christmas I made a trip to Old Town Fabrics for some backing fabrics. These fine ladies always have new items going onto their sale/clearance tables, and with the amount of fabric I needed, I headed there first. Since I have trained myself to be less of a fabric purchaser and more of a stash reducer, I don't keep track of their clearance items like I should. I believe the yardage is reduced to $6/yard. If you buy very much fabric these days, you know this is a significant reduction.

My reason for shopping stemmed from this picture above. Remember just before Christmas when I shared the stack of red quilt tops here on the blog? I mentioned that maybe I ought to try getting a few of them finished. I reckon just this casual thought was all I needed to motivate me because now that is exactly my goal.

Do you like? I can't say whether it was the fabrics themselves or the fact that there was so much of each one, but whatever it was, these two came home with me. I bought all they had.

This piece is from Minick and Simpson's Grant Park fabric line. I have enough of it to do one quilt.

This piece is from Minick and Simpson's Crazy for Red fabric line. I can back two quilts from this as I got all 10 or 11 yards of it. Score!!

Hopefully, this new year will see me getting at least 3 of those red quilts finished up. I even have some battings stored away. All the parts are here; now I just need to do it.

Happy Quilting, Friends!