Saturday, June 30, 2012

Quilt Camp - Day 4

On the 4th day of quilt camp my true love gave to me...oh, wait, that's a Christmas tune, not a camp tune.

Thursday's edition of quilt camp was showing signs of definite progress on our hard work. Those who came and sewed every day, all day were happy campers, indeed.

Sherrie has begun to sew some of her stars together.

I should have asked her how many of her flying geese units she has constructed. I know this was proving to be a daunting aspect of making this quilt. It's turning out so pretty, though, that I doubt she will regret making the decision to tackle it.

Kay and Sharon continued making the blocks for their respective Tag Sales.

Kay began joining her blocks and decided to go with royal blue sashing strips (which is a break from the pattern's directions), but I failed to get a picture of that, doggone it. I left them all on Thursday with directions to take pics of the Friday activities, so maybe I will have one to share soon.

Pam finished her place mats. Looking very spiffy, and ready for a new bride's table.

She also finished the church missions project. Very ingenious, actually; on the back there's both a pocket for hanging it on a rod, and also an opening for inserting a pillow form. Versatile, to say the least!

Pat was beginning to lay out her blocks to see how she would best like to set them together. We offered her a few suggestions, and she was going to try several of them. Hopefully we can get a picture of it after it's all together and share it.

Oh, I am so sorry that I am such an unreliable blogger!

Not only did I miss taking a picture of Kay's Tag Sale, I also failed to get an updated picture of Anita's Log Cabin. Here is a severely zoomed and pixelated shot of it, in the background of another picture. Again, I hope that the campers took pics for me on Day 5 so that I can bring you additional results!

Kay also had this t-shirt quilt hanging up - as early as Day 1, I believe. She may have put this together Monday morning before I got there. She is an amazingly prolific quilter, trust me!

To prove my point, take a look at Kay's blocks for the Generals' Wives Quilt she is doing as a BOM. I just love this quilt. The LQS that is sponsoring the BOM has one on display and it is simply gorgeous!!

Georgia, Sharon R., Suzi, and Betty were all hard at work on Day 4, doing more of the same as they were on Day 3, so I didn't bother them to take additional pictures. Suzi did change her mind, and work on a different quilt, though. Instead of the Christmas quilt I pictured on the last post, she worked on a Shabby Chic pink and white and green floral quilt that I really liked.

So that's really all I can show you from the 2012 Quilt Camp. Now I do have more posts planned. Several campers brought in "show and tell" quilts from home. Those were fun to see, and I have quite a few to "show and tell" here. Stay tuned for that.

Also, I have not really shared what I worked on, so I can do that in an upcoming post, as well.

One additional thing I plan to post is the re-do I am tackling in my sewing room. Yes, I've been silent about it here, but there are pics to show the new and improved sewing room!

Finally, Friday was my morning with the Frankfort quilting group and there are one or two pics to show from that.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Quilt Camp Day 3

Yes, friends. The week is flying by and I am behind in my coverage of this week's quilt camp! I went on Monday and decided to skip out on Tuesday. Our weather was to be so beautiful, cool temps and low humidity, I just couldn't justify being indoors all day long. So, I went back on Wednesday, Day 3. And here is the round-up of the day.

We had tons of attendees! At one point the room was boiling over with chatter and visiting and sewing machines and cutting and pressing - it was quite a sight!

Let's start with that young fellow in blue there in the right foreground. That is Riley, Sharon's grandson, who is going to be a big brother in October. (That's Sharon just behind him.) He is making his yet-to-be-born baby brother a quilt! Sharon is helping him use the rotary cutter, press his blocks and sew strips and rows together! He finished it by day's end, and is hoping to sew something else when he comes back on Friday.

Along with the plaid, Riley is using a cowboy print that his mother and grandmother had. New baby boy will someday love having a quilt made by his big brother! Great job, Rye!!

The ladies present were getting lots accomplished, too. Let's check in on the gals we met on the previous post first.

Anita had begun attaching the vertical rows of her log cabin. With patterns that are hard to see close up, we have learned to use the classroom's bulletin boards. We can step back and see a better picture of our work. That is exactly what Anita is doing with this. With wonky blocks and double-knit, it's still going to turn out great.

Sharon P. and Kay are making the same quilt - Tag Sale - but 2 more different versions, you could not possibly imagine! Kay's is a gift for a soon-to-be-born baby boy whose daddy is into baseball. Sharon's is the softest, most romatic quilt you can imagine. Take a look at the contrast!

Pretty stark differences, aren't there?? This is such a fun quilt to make; I am fairly certain I am going to get another one started soon.

Sherrie is progressing steadily on her star quilt. I had the name of the fabric incorrect in the last post. She is using a Maywood Studios fabric by Monique Dillard.

Sharon R. is on her way to becoming a confirmed quilter! She accomplished so much on Tuesday, and told us on Wednesday that she woke up that morning thinking about her quilt, and getting back to work on it! Don't we all do this at some point in time? She is motivated to get this quilt finished!

Her pattern is called Potato Chips. So appropriately named, as you can't just make one block! You want to make more and more and more! Look how simple, yet what awesome impact!

Sherrie's mom, Pat, came on Monday, but did not have her project with her. She just visited with us. But she's right to work now, on a quilt using layer cakes and jelly rolls.

You probably recognize the fabric. Very popular right now. Howard Marcus Friendship Collection for a Cause by Moda.

This is the book that her pattern, Peaches and Cream, is in. Her project is going together fast, and Pat, just like her daughter Sherrie, does impeccable work. So neat and precise. It will be a beauty when it's done, that's for sure!

I don't quite know how I managed to miss her, but in looking back, I see that I did not mention a quilter who was working with us on Monday. Georgia brought in her embroidery machine and was working away on a wildflower quilt. It will be stunning. Here are some of her blocks and the pattern she is using.

Two quilters joined us on Wednesday who (I think) did not sew on Monday. Coincidentally, both are doing Christmas quilts. Suzi worked on a project using charm squares.

Betty is making a Grinch quilt. Fun fabrics!

So there's a recap of Day 3. Whew! I still have a lot of pictures left to share. Some of the gals brought in quilts for some impromptu show and tell. I took several of these pics, and they will be posted here soon. Also, I did not include my own work. I will try to get Day 4 of quilt camp posted ASAP.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2012 Quilt Camp - Day 1

Seems impossible that a year has flown by and we are having yet another quilt camp at CHS. Sharon seems to think this is year # 23. I would have guessed more, but that's all it would be - just a guess.

Here are some of the Day 1 projects. Anita was given some very old Log Cabin blocks and was asked to please make them into a quilt. A relative of a relative made the request, and one just can't say no to that, can one?? The blocks are totally wonky and made with every fabric under the sun - including double knit!!

Here is Anita sprawled out on the tables and counter attempting to lay out all the squares. She arranged and re-arranged for a good while before arriving at this design. Next, she "squared up" a few of the blocks, then realized that no amount of squaring up will help some of these blocks!

She has quite a challenge ahead of her!

Next we will visit Sharon R. - a new-to-quilting gal. She is hard at work cutting out a simple quilt in these gorgeous fabrics. I am eager to see what she accomplishes by week's end.

 Pam came to quilt camp armed with 2 projects. First, placemats of red and black. She will be gifting these to a bride whose dishes will match.

Her second project is something she is doing in conjunction with her Sunday School class.

Everyone is to make a 21" quilt for a missions raffle. The quilt top can be turned into either a table topper, a pillow, a wall hanging or a wreath decoration.

Pam says she used a lot of scraps in this, but gosh, I love how bright it is! The lucky raffle winner will enjoy this whichever way she decides to use it!

Moving on, we will see what Sherrie is working on. Her quilts are always so perfect. She is meticulous in pressing, cutting, seam allowances, etc. This quilt will be a gift for her neice who is soon to be married.

A Bouquet of Stars is gorgeous, isn't it? I am going to have to borrow Sherrie's book when she's finished making this, so I can make one, too!

Not only has she picked the most wonderful pattern, but she is using some fantastic fabric, too!

I forget the precise name of the line, but it has "Provence" in it; I will write it down when I return tomorrow. Isn't that a gorgeous star? I want!! Sherrie is dreading all the flying geese this pattern requires, but it will be oh-so-worth-it when she'd finished!

This BOM is Kay's project. She enrolled in the class being offered at our new quilt shop in town. The Generals' Wives Quilt is stunning. I want to buy that blue background fabric so bad , but I have thus far resisted. Kay was working on some star points, and I believe some "unsewing" was involved. *wink*

Sharon P. was having a good time with 2 lines of Robin Pandolph fabric: Moondance and Simplicity. She is making her first Tag Sale! Oh, I love that quilt! And hers is going to be beautiful!

This photo does not do this fabulous fabric justice, but suffice it to say that this will be a totally soft, romantic and dreamy quilt.

Yours truly worked on her 2nd quilt using the Victorian Roses pattern, only 1/2" smaller on the basic 4-patch unit. I ran out of two of the fabrics! I needed just one more 5.5" square to get the 13th pieced block. I knew I could count on my quilting girlies to come through for me!! Kay sent me a text this morning saying she had it!! Saved!! Yessss!!!

That fabric on the bottom was what I ran out of. First. Then, as I was sewing along, making as much of the quilt as I could, it became obvious that I was going to be short on the top fabric, as well. (This is what happens when 1) you make up your own pattern, and 2) when you use from your stash!) I had my iPad along with me, and by gosh, I just shopped right there on the spot, ordered it, and will have it by week's end, hopefully.

So that is day one of 2012's Quilt Camp. I opted to stay home today, but will go back on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday morning I have quilting with the Frankfort girls (I missed them last time because I was in Myrtle Beach!), and I doubt I will go in just for an afternoon.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Frienzies Progressive Dinner

The Frienzies had an event yesterday. Our once monthly get-together was a progressive dinner which started at 10am and ended with desserts ending around 3:30pm. Oh, these girls! They are the best! Truer friends one could never have! How lucky I am to have worked with them for so many years, and now to enjoy their company in retirement!

Sharon had another commitment that prevented her from joining our fun, but the remaining 7 all gathered at Hettie's house for appetizers. She served frozen fruit slushies, a variety of muffins, tea and coffee. Thankfully, Pam had a camera and provides us with these pictures!

We lost Hettie for the remainder of our event; she had a family obligation to attend to. The remaining 6 headed over to Susan's for the main course. She served a wonderful salad with strawberries and poppyseed dressing, rice and broccoli-chicken casserole.

Last, we headed to Pam's for dessert - key lime pie, a variety of cookies, coffee and tea. Light and refreshing!

As I said before, these girls are the dearest friends. We had a truly relaxing and enjoyable day, but we sure did miss Sharon and Hettie. I am blessed to have my Frienzies!!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Second Go-Around

I was so excited to make another quilt using the Victorian Roses template, that I have already gotten the 4-patch units made!

Victorian Roses was super-easy and fun to make. However, the blocks were gi-normous, and I placed the darker blue where I should have placed the lighter blue. (Click here and here and here to see the posts on it.)

My idea is to make it twice more. The first one used 3.5" squares for the 4-patch units. This second one will have 3" squares in those units. Everything will be sized down accordingly. And then, eventually, I will make one more, using 2.5" squares. (Quilters, are you following that??)

The fabrics in this quilt will be featuring Butterfly Garden by Kansas Troubles for Moda. It will be my feature fabric used in the setting block. The gray print has no marking on the selvege, but I do remember buying it from the bargain basement at Mrs. Miller's Dry Goods in Berlin, OH, in the heart of Ohio's Amish country. I used it in DH's Ohio State t-shirt quilt, and this is the left-over. Next, is Judy Rothermel fabric called The Bancroft Collection from The new England Quilt Museum for Marcus Fabrics. And on the bottom, another Kansas Troubles fabric, this one from the collection called Stitches on the Oregon Trail.

The 4-patches make me giddy with excitement to continue on this quilt. I am pleased with how these two fabrics work so well together, and that gray will do a nice job of creating the chain through the quilt when all the blocks are sewn together.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Victorian Roses Finished

Slow and steady, I guess that describes me. This quilt was the easiest thing in the world to make, and I should have had it done in a day, at most. However, I lose focus, become distracted, allow other activities to intrude - you know how it is, I'm sure.

The quilt top is done, though, and I am happy to show it off. I'm happy to introduce you to Victorian Roses.

Gargantuan, isn't it? This is a queen bed, and there is ample overhang on both sides. It is 5 x 5 rows total, and 3 of them cover the top of the bed horizontally, so you can see how much hangs on each side.

I don't think I am going to put a border on this quilt. Every quilt I've ever made has had a border, so this is a momentous decision for me! It's already big enough, in my opinion. I will be quite satisfied to leave it as it is.

As I was sewing the last row, a thought crept up on me and now I find that I am gnawing and gnawing on it. I want to make another one. Instead of using 3.5" squares to make the 4-patch units, I am going to reduce it to 3". Then, after I make that, I will make another one, and reduce the squares to 2.5". It will be fun to see the differences as the parts become smaller. I think I will like the smaller ones better. This one is so large that I consider it quite non-traditional. Another change I will make is to switch the placement of the blues in the pieced block. The darker color would work better to create the secondary design that unifies the top.

Still learning after all these years; amazing.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Bit of Progress

Do you ever draw out the quilt you are planning? I have made up a couple of quilts, and it always seems necessary for me to have a diagram of what I am doing. Victorian Roses is no exception. As I was finishing up the 4-patches, I stopped sewing to draw out my diagram.

Those 9-patch blocks with the 4-patches are going to finish out at 18" - whopping!!

Victorian Roses is coming along, but not as quickly as I'd hoped. I have had to do some unsewing, darn it. *grumble* But I want it done right, so I am not getting upset about it. Part of the problem is that the small blue print is directional. If I want the stripes to go all in the same direction, I have to adjust half of the 4-patch blocks. Not so terrible. I won't complain, but it is slowing me down.

See what I mean about the print being directional? Pretty little feather-like design.

Here is my first finished pieced block - all 18" of it. Constructing a quilt top of blocks so large will certainly go fast, won't it?

In looking at the diagram, above, I wonder if I ought to add one row on the right, so that the secondary design of the blue print fabric goes from corner to corner.  I will need to cut more of everything, but wouldn't be a huge amount of extra work. If I leave things as they are, the quilt in the diagram will finish out at 72" x 90". Adding a row would make it 90" square. Either size suits me just fine.

Happy Quilting, Friends!