Monday, September 30, 2019

Farewell September!

My goal as the month began was to accomplish a monumental task - to move out all the furniture from the bedroom next to my sewing room, paint it, steam clean the carpet and finally, move the long-arm machine into that room.

Today is the final day of the month, and I am still holding out hope that before I fall into bed tonight, this will be completed.

Cross your fingers! While I am at OUC this afternoon, DH plans to steam the carpet. With this super hot, dry weather, I hope the drying-out goes quickly. When I get home from class this evening, and after a fast supper, we will move the Tin Lizzie to her upstairs penthouse suite. *grin*

Here are some painting pics from Sunday afternoon. What I'd expected to be a long, drawn-out endeavor, actually only took us a couple of hours. How nice! I did the ceiling trim work, and most of the baseboards, too, while DH got started on rolling the walls. Teamwork!!

One question: The light fixture in the ceiling needs to be covered. The existing one - which is 27 years old - has a broken glass. I wonder if anyone has suggestions for what type of light I should have over a long arm machine?

Also, we really ought to take the time to repaint the baseboard and door trim, but I doubt we do. It won't bother me once quilting operations commence.

That's it for today, Peeps. Lots to get done!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

Sunday, September 29, 2019

September Nears Its End

As we are about to wrap up another month, it occurs to me that I ought to remind readers who did not follow through with the Quilter's Meet and Greet from early in September, that the giveaways are still open for entering. I still need to check out a handful of the participants, so as soon as I post this, I am heading over to Benita's blog to finish visiting all the featured quilters. Here is a link to my post on Meet and Greet day.

In that post, I shared a picture of one quilt that I'd entirely made by hand. I now have that quilt on our bed, so I figured this would be a good time to let you take a look.

Our bed is queen-sized, and the quilt just barely touched the sides. It is plenty long enough, but I should have added a couple more columns of stars to widen it a bit. Oh, well. I still love it. The star colors, while they weren't intended to be fall-ish, do look more fitting for this time of year that the summery quilt just removed.

Long-arm room update: DH and I painted the room in about 2 hours earlier this afternoon. It is white-white-white. Very bright and pure-looking. I hope he will steam-vac the carpet later this evening. Then before and after classes tomorrow, I will try to get the long-arm dismantled, moved from the basement up two flights of stairs, and finally rebuilt in its new home. Eeeeeeee! This will be so exciting!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Fall Table Topper Surprise

A week ago while my sister Sandy was here visiting, she admired my fall table topper. This is one I made several years ago; if I remember, I bring it out each fall for the center of the kitchen table.

It is nothing special; just 4 star blocks set with surrounds of brown and cheddar/orange borders. I serves its purpose, that is all.

So when Sandy admired it and said that she needed to get some fall going in her house, I had the idea that I could easily help in that effort by making a topper for her.

You read all about the one I made earlier this week - click here, if you didn't. And on Wednesday evening, I had plans for being in Hillsboro, so I popped by her place and plunked her new topper onto her kitchen table/bar.

After she discovered it, I asked her to gussy it up a bit and send me pics so I could share here. And that is what you are seeing next...

I think she likes it! When such a small effort can put a smile on someone's face, it's totally worth it, right??

Happy Quilting, Friends!

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Free 18" Block Pattern

Yesterday, I came across something kinda' cool as I surfed Instagram. Apparently, "Moda All-stars," aka several top fabric designers, each have created an 18" block in which they feature their newest line of fabrics. Here is what I saw on IG.

And the cool part?? They are free!! Here is a link to Moda's blog. Moda is doing a whole series of these 18-inch blocks, calling it ICMT - I Can Make That! Clever. Click this link for the first post of the series.

I have followed Sherri McConnell at her blog A Quilting Life for many years - almost since I first discovered quilting blogs. Here is the link to her post about this free 18" block and the fabric line she is featuring.

Always on the lookout for free patterns, I clicked right away to check 'em out. The block by Sherri and her daughter Chelsi Stratton is called Harper's Garden. I have been interested in adding to my fall décor, and while the original is in spring-themed colors, I could easily see a fall version.

So I zipped up to the quilting room and got started straight away. In less than an hour, I had the block finished - and that includes the time I mulled over fabric options! I'm notoriously slow in this process, and selecting from the stash just the right grouping of fabrics takes some time!

Since the time for fall décor is NOW, I figured I ought to keep going and quilt this little darling. So I dug around in the stash for a suitable backing, and also for some scraps of batting. Before long I had the block sandwiched, then quilted, then bound! That binding was in my scrap box of leftover bindings. It was as if this table topper was meant to be!

It was too dark last night to take decent pictures of it on my kitchen table, so here are some morning shots of it. Looks pretty spiffy, right?

I know I have two other recent starts cluttering up the workspace. Why do you start on yet another project? I can hear some of you asking me that. Well, like I said in the last post, I love - LOVE - new projects. The finishing can be dicey, but starting new things, oh, that is wonderful! Crazy, yes, but that's how I roll.

Those two other projects - the Kaffe Fassett Diagonal Madness and the French General Jelly Roll - are still very much on the immediate agenda. Additionally, I am spending time dismantling the center bedroom to make way for the long arm. A lot going on around here!

Hope you all are enjoying your last few days of September! These days have been beautiful here in my southern Ohio world.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

Monday, September 23, 2019

It's Fall! Continued Jelly Roll Work

The newness of a project never fails to maintain my focus. You would have thought that the Kaffe project I was working on would still be considered "new," however, when the idea of jelly roll sewing took hold, I was off on a tangent just like that.

I made the first four blocks - two red, two neutral - and stopped to assess the viability of continuing. After determining that continuing would be worthwhile, I knew that it would be smart to figure out the best way to chain-piece.

Here is a quick summation of the process I have devised. Start with a 4-patch of 2.5" squares. You can arrive at this in a couple of ways, each as good as the other.

Next, you will need (2) 4.5" strips and (1) 2.5" square. After those are attached, you add (2) 6.5" strips and another (1) 2.5" square. The block below is a neutral block with red chain. I added the strips to the same 2 sides, which results in the 4-patch being in the corner of the block.

I toyed with the idea that the 4-patch should be in the middle of the block. I really don't think it matters. I do think, though, that whatever you choose to do, all the blocks should be the same. Here's a block with the centered 4-patch.

Either way, you will still get the same chain diagonally through the center, which ultimately, is what you want.

Here is a picture of all the blocks I have made so far. Yes, the centered 4-patches are sprinkled in here, and it is not at all obvious. I will likely just leave them as is and make all the remaining blocks consistently with the corner 4-patches.

I have no idea how many more blocks I will be able to make. To prevent running out of jelly roll, I make 6 at a time - 6 red blocks, 6 neutral blocks and so on, so that I keep things even. As I near the last of the jelly roll fabrics, I will decide on a good stopping point. I don't believe I have any yardage of this line (La Vie en Rouge), but I do have yardage of other French General lines, and since all their lines coordinate really well, I could fill in gaps. As is so often my strategy, "we'll see what we have when we get there."

Happy Monday, Peeps!
Happy Quilting, too!

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Jelly Roll Day

For the past three years (or more?) in September quilters have celebrated the jelly roll precut with National Sew A Jelly Roll Day. This phenomenon of precuts has really changed the quilting world and since their inception some 20 years ago, I would guess that the marketing of precut-friendly books, patterns and products has been quite lucrative.

So today has been the day that has been designated Jelly Roll Day for 2019. I have known about this for awhile, and had pretty much zero interest in making another JR quilt. I have plenty on my plate at the moment.

But then I got on Instagram about 3pm today, and then I saw pretty quilts and pretty jelly roll fabrics, and then I couldn't help myself. Like a squirrel with short attention span, I put aside my Kaffe Fassett sewing, and dug in.

I have several jelly rolls in the stash, so when I opened the drawer where I have them stored I found these two partial rolls, so I just decided I would use them.

Both jelly rolls are La Vie en Rouge by French General/Moda. I am guessing that I took a particular strip or several strips out of these - I've long forgotten the project.

The last thing I need to be doing is starting another project.

But I did. And who needs a pattern?? I had an idea that I could make up a design that would create diagonal lines of red one way and white/neutral the other way. I made four blocks. I didn't want to make more if the idea didn't pan out, so I arranged them and took this picture.

Then I pulled up a photo-editing app on my phone to create a collage - this gives the effect of a quilt.

I think this is going to work! I can see those diagonal lines the way I wanted. I am definitely going to go ahead and make more blocks - I have no idea how big this will end up being, nor any idea how many blocks I will make. I will go until I run out of jelly roll.

Short and sweet. Gotta make the midnight deadline!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Just a Little Move

A little over a week ago, we had some neighbors here to help us move a garden shed. To us it seemed like such a monumental task, but to neighbors with the correct equipment, it was an easy hour's work.

Daniel and his son Harlan came to our rescue with an industrial-strength forklift. Our shed is close to 30 years old, so worn, but still functional. It was serving no real purpose in the location above - other than to house a lot of stuff, aka junk.

DH wanted it emptied and moved to the other side of the back yard so that it could be put to use for wood storage. We have had a wood-burning furnace for about five years, and have not had the best system for wood access. A different nearby shed, not nearly close enough, and a wood pile covered with a tarp - these worked, but it was definitely laborious.

So we emptied out the junk. Trashed some of it; sorted and repurposed some; gave some away. We still haven't dealt with it all.

 Then we scheduled with Daniel and Harlan to come over with the lift. It was quite a sight to see.

We leveled it as best we could, but some adjusting still needs to be done. We need to get a few more blocks to put under the corners, so that work awaits us. For now, we are thrilled to have a shed near the wood burner to make the job of heating our house this winter an easier task.

Our neighbors are just the greatest. I told you back in May about Daniel's wife making me that angel food cake, and I have shared quilts from two daughters Kathaleen and Betty. We couldn't ask for kinder folks.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

September Quilter's Planner Blocks

Just a real quick post today to show you the September blocks for the Quilter's Planner Sewalong. Each month participants make two blocks for the sampler quilt. Simple and easy. I have been using leftover fabric from that 9-patch quilt I made in January; it's called Memoire a Paris by Lecien. Very fine cotton that feels sooo good.

The photo below shows the magazine with the quilt that we are making. Quilters who participate can submit their monthly photos to groups on FB and IG, which I have been doing. It is so interesting to see all the variety.

As promised, short and sweet. I have a to-do list a mile long to get busy on!
Happy Quilting, Friends!

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

A Wedding Quilt

We had an incredibly great weekend as we added a new member to our family. My nephew Will married his sweetheart Kristi in a beautiful outdoor ceremony on Saturday afternoon. We had perfect weather conditions at Rocky Fork Lake's Chapel in the Woods. Later, the reception was held in the barn at my sister and brother-in-law's farm. The food, the dancing, the fellowship - everything! - was so perfect. How is it possible to smile and laugh and love so much?! I grabbed this picture of the new Mr. and Mrs. from my sister's Facebook page. Aren't they adorable!!?

So with the wedding dispensed, I can now reveal the quilt I made for the newlyweds and some of you may recognize that quilt from the retreat last April at Canter's Cave.

 The pattern is called Blue Lagoon (details in this post) and is jelly roll-friendly. I had a Minick and Simpson jelly roll along with a neutral background and finished the top at retreat. I added borders which were not part of the quilt instructions, because I wanted a larger quilt. Click here to read about the retreat sewing.

I quilted this quilt on my friend Terry's longarm machine about three weeks ago. (Read about it here.) I don't recommend closely inspecting the workmanship, but if you do, please be kind. It is entirely freehand loopy meander quilting and I was totally winging it. Rookie effort, you know?

The backing gave me a bit of a challenge. I knew I would have to piece it, and I put together a backing I thought I could live with, but at the last minute I changed my mind. I took out one whole section and added the lighter blue print shown above. I was much more satisfied with it.  I also used that lighter blue as the binding.

Early in August, I gave the bride a preview of her wedding gift, when my bridal shower gift was pillows and pillow cases made to match the quilt; not exact matching, but close enough.

I have been missing from the blog for several days. I am guessing that as I move on into the meat of the semester, this will be normal. I will do my darnedest to stay caught up with both school work and quilting and blogging.

One more pic from the wedding - my siblings and I teamed up for a fun picture at the reception. Tell me, is there some familial resemblance here or what?!? The groom's mother is in front. We may have had a good time. *wink*

Happy Quilting, Friends!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Here's The Plan

We are one-third of the way through September already and I have teased about my upcoming plans long enough. Here's what's on the horizon for me - hopefully all by the end of the month.

The biggest project on tap is dismantling one of our bedrooms and bringing the long-arm machine upstairs and out of the basement. I never have enjoyed spending time in the basement, and it was not something I could see changing sans extensive remodeling. Since our kids don't really come home for overnights anymore, it just seemed that two guest rooms was one too many. Now this bedroom will be dedicated to the Tin Lizzie.

The bedroom furniture was Grandma's and came here after her death in 2015. It consists of a bed, two dressers and a nightstand. All of these will be going to my sister's house in the coming week. Additional items in this room include a cupboard for quilt storage (shown below) and an old sewing machine table which is used as a bedside table.

Scrolling back through the blog, I am sure you'd see the sewing cabinet. Actually, a bit of it shows in the mirror in that first picture. There is no machine inside it, although at one time it did have and I actually sewed on it. Ages ago. 

So after the furniture is out, DH and I will paint the walls and steam-vac the carpet. Then I will move the long arm up. I am totally amped about this change. I know I will be quilting here very soon.

Other projects include finishing a Halloween table cloth that I started a couple of years ago. I have never been one to go crazy with decorating for Halloween, but I saw a really cute table cloth on Pinterest that I wanted to replicate. I stopped because I didn't have Wonder-Under. Geesh, woman! Go get some! It will be such a fast and easy finish. I am determined to do just that before month's end.

The orange pumpkins will be appliqued around a round brown cloth and made to fit my round kitchen table and/or my round porch table. Here's a link to the inspiration picture from Pinterest.

Other projects include quilting this baby quilt for Graham, my newest grand-nephew who was born late last month. I have yet to meet the little fellow, but the quilt must be finished!

As cooler weather is surely on the horizon, I want to get back to that white denim jacket - the one I am embellishing with embroidery. (First mentioned here.) I'd like to get it to a point where I would actually wear it; I can see myself continuing to add to the embroidery even as I wear it.

Of course, stitching on Lake Effect will be ongoing. I am ready to cut the long borders and trace the applique designs on them.

I will continue this new project I have started - Diagonal Madness. I have managed to make some progress on it this week - minimal, but still progress. It has been quite a treat to sift through all my KF fabrics and mix and match them for the 4-patch blocks.

And finally, I need to put the binding on the OSU quilt, which DH needs by the 21st. Not a pressing deadline, but I don't want to put it off too much longer.

That rounds out my month, project-wise. Always plenty to keep me busy. In addition, there are many things around the house we are doing, plus the school work will be picking up as we work into the meat of the semester. 

Speaking of school, it's time for me to move! Two classes this afternoon, then grocery shopping. 

Happy Quilting, Friends!