Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I Caved

Bombarding me from every direction, it's a wonder I have managed to hold out as long as I have. Quilting friends have tempted me. Pictures on Pinterest tempt me, as well. What is the temptation? English Paper Piecing. The name of these versatile blocks is Points Patchwork of the Crosses, or Lucy Boston blocks. Just do a search of those terms on Pinterest and see what gorgeousness pops up. Endless examples, each beautiful in its own way. Infinite variety.(Sorry; I had been using the wrong name; all correct now.)

Yes, those fussy little templates and the stunning blocks that result have finally broken my resolve to skip this current quilting craze. I'd been given a packet of templates and fabrics; I'd both watched and overheard impromptu tutorials by avid devotees.

It all finally just wore me down.

I took some scraps from one of the work shirts I've been using and I fussy cut some 3/4-inch hexies and stitched them together to make a wreath. I envision finishing this with a string so that it could be used as a Christmas tree ornament. I made this on Saturday evening.

After considering it for about a day and a half, I decided that I would put a center in it, also a work shirt scrap. I probably should have looked for a bigger piece for the center so I could do a better job of centering the plaid, but eh, what the heck, it's my first one; I'll work that stuff out on future efforts.

Future efforts. Sigh. Yes, I suspect there will be future efforts. I fear that I am falling  in beyond the point of no return with this technique.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

Monday, June 29, 2015

A Final Look at Quilt Camp

You've seen the variety of projects we worked on last week, but there were some other activities that I think you'll find interesting.

A new camper, Jan, is a woman with many talents, and she never does anything but what she puts 110% into it. I have shared her expertise in the world of Lucy Boston blocks and English Paper Piecing after our Canter's Cave retreat last April. Click here to refresh your memory. Well, she shared more at quilt camp. Take a look at this incredible display.

She will be doing a demo on EPP at an upcoming guild meeting, so this tri-fold board full of info and all the additional materials to go with it were quite a hit with campers. She converted a few more folks to the EPP world, and I have to confess that I made my first little practice piece on Saturday.

Jan also had a very cool caddy at her sewing station. She made it of sock monkey fabric, and it is chock-full of all the quilting necessities.

Here is Jan, having a bit of a problem with her water - she didn't drink off a bit before pouring in her Crystal Lite packet, and as a result had a small eruption.

Silliness wasn't limited to Jan, though. Here's Anita striking a pose on the chaise lounge under a grand quilt.

We had a seriously hot day on Wednesday, and  even in the a/c we were sweating. Sharon discovered that she forgot to bring a band to pull her hair back in a ponytail. Never fear! A quilter can improvise! A strip of fabric works in a pinch.

All fun aside, we did have a productive week, and most of us spent a few (or more) dollars downstairs in the quilt shop. Here are the purchases I made.

Seven fabrics - all half-yards. I have very few purples and pinks in my stash, so I think I have filled in some gaps with these. Then, in keeping with that EPP opening, I will show you that I succumbed to the pressure. I bought a glue stick and refill for prepping EPP templates. *sigh*

It's a new week, quilters! I am hosting a brunch at 10am for an friend from way back in my early teaching days. Dee and I began our careers at CHS together in the fall of 1979, and even though she left CHS after a few years, we have tried to stay in touch across the miles. Sharon will be joining us for a brunch of quiche, muffins and strawberries. I must get busy in the kitchen!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

My Other Hobby

Maybe you know; maybe you don't. I do have other interests besides quilting and today I will tell you about a project that makes me pretty darned excited.

For most of 2014, I worked with a committee at the Greenfield Historical Society to write a book about our local high school, Edward Lee McClain HS, which is celebrating its centennial this September.

Each member of our committee offered unique contributions to the project--some were researchers, others were organizers, and others were photographers. My only function was to write. Whew. It was work, but of the very most enjoyable kind. The book went to the publisher the first of January; we had a couple of opportunities through the winter to check proofs. On Thursday, June 11, it was delivered. That was quite an exciting day, let me tell you! The finished product is amazing, and most folks around town who have picked up their book are complimenting it. I think it will be successful, thankfully.

If you want to tour our beautiful school, come join us at our big Centennial Celebration on Labor Day weekend. The book will be on sale, too. Click here to access the Greenfield Historical Society website.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Quilt Camp Progress Report #4

The final day of quilt camp brought us the following progress.

Pat has continued to add borders to her Ohio State quilt. I thought the picture I shared yesterday was the finish, but this one from today shows additions, and she says there are still more to go on. It will eventually finish as a twin-size quilt.

Ohio State quilts were a theme this week as Jan worked on her own OSU project. These many stack and whack blocks will end up being quite a wonderful creation.

Betty moved on to another Halloween project. This table runner was a gift from a friend, and looks like it will be a very pretty finish.

I will show you my growing work shirt quilt, even though I didn't really get a bunch more done on it. I have been "niggling" about the 2nd work shirt quilt that I will be making, so some of my day was spent experimenting with options, which I plan to share in some future posts.

So that's a wrap on this year's quilt camp. I will throw out some additional related things concerning our week, but I will get to that in a day or two.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Quilt Camp Progress Report #3

Thursday brought us the following highlights:

From Sharon, more colorful combinations with Kaffe Fassett fabrics.

Pat has finished her Ohio State quilt top. I think several of us know people who would like to have this quilt!

Pamela has finished her blue and white batik quilt; it is a Kay England pattern.

Pamela has a very cool looking organizer and mat under her sewing machine.

Sherrie is quilting a table runner. I remember her making these teeny-tiny little acorns last November when we quilted together on Veterans' Day. Here's a link to that post.

Linda has a whole lotta' blocks made and will be heavy into completing this quilt top today.

Betty finished off her wall hanging.

And I can finally show you my progress on the work shirt quilt. I am really enjoying the challenge of coming up with something that I think the customer will like.

My basic pattern is a made-up brick path quilt. I have interrupted the "brick" rows with a row of 9-patches and 3-strip patches. And look what else I added - the pocket of one of the shirts. I hope the owner will think this is as cool as I do! Do you see the stains? Work shirts have stains, and I chose not to cut around them. I hope that will be cool with the owner, too.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Quilt Camp Progress Report #2

Wednesday at quilt camp shows that we continue to get things accomplished. Here's a quick update.

Sherrie finished the binding on the applique quilt that she has been working on since 2010.

That's Sherrie on the left and she is pretty happy,  isn't she? Georgia is helping on the right; her smile is because she has made the same quilt, and so she knows how Sherrie feels in this great accomplishment.

After Sherrie finished this, she got to work on a table runner made using a Jelly Roll of Midwinter Reds.
And Georgia has been busy this week working on a different applique quilt. Here are a couple of panels she has completed.

Betty's progress on her Peanuts Halloween wall hanging is significant. It is going to be a hit with the grandkids.

Jan has an interesting Jelly Roll quilt out scarlet and gray fabrics.

Sharon has finished the quilt top for this colorful wall hanging. 
JoAnn has had a life-long pen-pal who lives in England. This summer she will be celebrating a milestone birthday, and JoAnn is making this single block with hexagons to send to her.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Quilt Camp Progress Report

We are just two days into quilt camp and already we are seeing quite a bit of progress, so let's see what has been going on thus far.

Jan, a first-time camper but an accomplished quilter, made this.
Pam has finished a table topper.

Anita has a t-shirt quilt top finished.

Pamela has a good start on her quilt top.

Sharon has been in an ultra colorful mood this week.

JoAnn pin-basted an already completed quilt top and has a good start on her wall-hanging.

Betty is making a Peanuts themed wall hanging for her grandchildren. This is the pattern; I will have a picture of her progress tomorrow.

Linda has done a lot of cutting (not one of her favorite things), and has the first block completed.

Sherrie has been binding a quilt, and finishing the embroidery on a baby quilt that will be going to a niece's new baby.

I think that's enough for  now. I have not gotten a picture yet of Pat's fantastic Ohio State quilt, and maybe by Wednesday, I will have some progress to show you on my men's shirts quilts.

Happy Quilting, Friends!