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A common phrase I have heard from quilters is that selling a quilt is akin to selling a child - it is that difficult. I can attest to the truth of that sentiment, for I have deliberated long and hard on the notion of parting with some of my creations. Ultimately, I came to the realization that I have too many quilt tops hanging in the closet to ever get them all quilted. And honestly, my enjoyment of them came in the making and of working with the fabrics.

All quilts pictured here are photographed on a full-size bed to show how much overhang there is. In each description, I list the size according to this chart.

I have not touched up any of the photos with photo-editing. The lighting from the window sometimes washes out the color, but for the most part, the colors look true to real-life.

If you are interested in one or more of my quilts, contact me through the email attached to this blog or through private messaging on Facebook or Pinterest. I will quote you prices two ways: 1) for the quilt top as is, and 2) for the finished quilt.

As for pricing, this, too, I have deliberated extensively. First, I want to recoup the cost of the materials. Second, I'd like to pay myself for the workmanship. Skilled professionals charge for their time and talent (we recently payed a plumber $85/hr.). I am charging $15/hour, and since I didn't really make most of these quilts "on the clock," I have estimated based on how simple or complex the quilt was to construct. Finally, if shipping is involved, that will be included.

Now, on to the quilts!

1. Plan C - a pattern by Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie's Quilts. This was a joy to make, and I love the combination of browns, reds and blues on a creamy background. Plan C is a full-size quilt, measuring 75" square. It has what is called a piano key border.

2. Bradford Star - A traditional star pattern made with modern-leaning Westminster Fiber fabric. Three fabrics are featured in this full-size quilt measuring 72"x89". The background is very pale lavender with white polka dots; the medium fabric has a soft blue and green feathery leaf design; the feature fabric contains a variety of bold blue flowers. I've used the medium fabric as the border. This quilt would look awesome in a beach house or lake cottage.

3. Batik Bali Pop - This quilt was made with a Bali Pop collection from Hoffman Fabrics. I probably added some stash batiks, as well. It is a full-size quilt measuring 74"x87". Every time I look at it I think it looks like fall, so consider this quilt for your autumn decorating.

4. Victorian Thrifty - I loved these blues and thought they complemented each quite well. The large floral print on a faded background is soft and romantic. The paisley dark blue and the print medium blue enhance the floral. This quilt is queen-size measuring 88" square. I can see this quilt working in a room decorated with an English cottage theme. 

5. French General Stars - This is made from a pattern designed by Lynette Jensen of Thimbleberries. The fabric used is by French General and for those of you who know fabric, this is some of the best. Rich, sumptuous reds, gorgeous florals, wonderful neutrals - all very nice to work with. This quilt features lots of Ohio Star blocks. The silvery gray in each block really does a nice job of complementing the red stars. It is a queen-size quilt, measuring 81x94 inches. The border is creamy off-white with red flowers. 

6. Tapestry - This big guy was inspired by a similar quilt I saw made up in a local quilt shop. The fabric is by Barbara Brackman, a noted quilt historian. I was drawn to the great combinations of black, gold, red, blue  and silver. I would never have selected these without having seen how great they looked in the store sample. This is a king-size quilt, measuring 92" square.  The inner border is a narrow band of black on black; the outer border is a magnificent blue with icy, silvery blue flowers and leaves.

7. Nine-Patch Criss Cross - This is another Thimbleberries pattern. This is the second quilt I've made using this pattern; it's fun and adaptable. The fabric is all from my stash and represents several designers, a couple of which, incidentally, are Thimbleberries. It is queen-sized, measuring 81x92 inches. The inner border is brown with black lattice, and the outer border is blue; both borders subdue the pattern and color in the quilt center.

8. Red/Black Confetti Stars - A popular Thimbleberries pattern called Christmas Confetti is what I've used to make this quilt. I pulled fabrics from my stash to go with the great floral used in the setting blocks. Red stars on white shirting form the stars. I tried to frame the center with the black on black setting triangles. The quilt is full-sized and measures 72x82 inches. The outer border is more of that great floral, with a small inner border of the shirting.

9. Chantilly - I had been wanting to make this quilt for a very long time. I used all fabrics from my stash - even the inner and outer border. It measures

10. Antique 9-Patch Strippy - I just love the calming, peaceful feel of this small quilt. I had all the fabrics in my stash and I am very pleased with how well they complement each other. It has a faded look, but that is just the nature of the fabrics - they all have that aged look, which makes the name "Antique 9-Patch" seem fitting. It measures

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  1. These are all beautiful....you say "quilts" but are they tops? Prices?


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