Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Here's What I Bought

It's a gray day here in south-central Ohio. Rain is due in later. Perfect day for working on a quilt. I am going to quit procrastinating as soon as I finish off this post. My plan is to get the borders on Erin's quilt - the one I refer to as her Urban Chic quilt. I will get good pics as I get it out and make progress.

In Monday's post, I chronicled the outing to Belpre, OH, with a group of quilting friends. I failed to take any pictures of the day's haul, however, and wanted to share said haul here. Incredibly, I bought only one little charm pack. Isn't she gorgeous? I have a good bit of the Aviary fabric for a quilt I want to make. This pack will go toward a Schnibbles.

Instead of buying fabric, I was inspired by the delightful store displays to begin my Christmas shopping! Don't tell any of the GFs, but here's what's going into their Christmas gift bags. Santa did good, right?

Do you think there's something wrong with me? I mean, going all the way to a Belpre quilt shop, nearly 3 hours one way, and I only buy a charm pack? That might mean I've come down with some dread disease? Or, it could just mean that I know I have enough fabric, already, and I am just being super- selective with my stash-building?  Hmmm...

Time for borders...


  1. I've done that! Sometimes nothing strikes me and I just go home with something tiny or inexpensive.. nothing wrong with that, after all quilting and buying fabric is all emotional!

  2. I think that's very controlled not buying for the sake of it. What you did get is very sweet fabric. Good start to the christmas shopping though.


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