Sunday, October 18, 2009

UFO List is Shrinking!

A shrinking UFO list certainly brightens my day, because that means I have been productive! Last weekend I finished the 2nd baby quilt, and now I am celebrating this weekend with the completion of Erin's Urban Chic quilt top!! Yippity-doo-dah!

After much quilt math, I cut the borders. You know how my brain cramped up with that - I taught English for 30 years. No math for me!!

The fabric, from what I can tell, is all by Joel Dewberry from Westminster. I thought some might be Amy Butler, but in looking at all selvages, I see only JD represented.

What makes a person succumb so dreadfully to procrastination? There is no viable excuse to make up for taking 2 years to complete this quilt. Appalling! I shopped with dear friend Sharon on a beautiful, sunny October afternoon in Columbus back in 2007 and found this fabric. Over the course of the next several weeks, I made the top, and stopped at the point where borders were needed. In order to add borders, I was going to have to buy more fabric. (The usual result of buying fabric with no clear purpose or pattern.) With Erin's input, we selected the pieces she wanted and ordered them online. I wrapped the border fabrics and backing as a Christmas 2007 gift to Erin. My plan was to whip out those borders and give the quilt to her quickly!! And the work thus far was indeed done remarkably fast for me.

Loooonnnnng paaaauuuuse. . .in November 2008, I packed this project off to an overnight quilting party that one of the GFs has each year. It never made it out of my bag. Instead, I worked on a different UFO. When summer 2009 rolled around, with this project so near to being completed, I knew I had to get in gear!! Newly retired, I was determined not to start any more quilts before getting some UFOs taken care of first.

So now we find ourselves in October 2009, and the sweet "Urban Chic" (my name for it, not the pattern) quilt has finally acquired its borders!

I've made the call to Linda, the local long-arm quilter friend, and she will be able to work it into her increasingly busy schedule the week after next. Erin may just have this quilt on her bed before Christmas!


  1. It looks so good on the bed. I'd love to see it agin when It's quilted. You've done well.

  2. beautiful quilt, great story. Love the name of the quilt!
    Good for you finishing some ufo's
    congrats on your retirement, do you find your quilting more now?

  3. Love it, the fabrics are beautiful.
    Is it Yellow Brick Road?


  4. Janet, yes, I promise to take a final pic after quilting, and I will ask Erin to take a pic of the quilt on her bed in her apartment.

    Kathie, I wish I could report that I've quilted more, but I have mostly focused on finishing UFOs this summer. I have a really nice little dilemma forming: what new project to begin?

    Christine - thank you for identifying the pattern as Yellow Brick Road!! For some reason, I have been unable to keep that name in my head, and when I try to think of it, all I come up with is Turning Twenty. I needed setting straight!


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