Sunday, November 1, 2009

Unearthing More UFOs

Oh, my.

How does one do so much work on a project and then put it away to be forgotten? This beauty was hiding in a project tub in my sewing room, waiting for at least 2 years for me to return to it!

These pictures illustrate several of my quilting preferences.

First, I do love handwork - I have always liked hand-quilted quilts, and have done several, so I know the commitment it requires. I love hand-piecing, too. Especially so when I am traveling because it affords me the luxury of being on the road, and still accomplishing a quilt-related task. I also like it when I don't particularly want to be hidden away in the farthest part of the house (my sewing room),  preferring, instead, to be engaged in family activities downstairs.

Second, I like paisley prints. A lot. There are countless varieties in my stash. This red typifies my tastes perfectly.

And last, I like 2-color quilts. The red will be consistent throughout the quilt top, but I have used a variety of 3 neutrals for a scrappy look, which I also like. All from my stash, I might add. Even 6 or 8 years ago, my estimate of when I began this project, I was trying to attack the stash.

It surprises me that I have so much done on this! The blocks measure 8.5 inches; there are 20 star blocks completed, and 23 stepping stone blocks completed. The 3rd picture shows the pieces that are cut out, and a few star 'points' that await completion! I will keep this project out and try to get more done over the course of the winter. It's begging to be finished.


  1. Ditto on all that you've posted. I love all the same sorts of things as you except for the hand piecing bit. These are very nice blocks, I hope you get lots more accomplished on it.

  2. Hurray for you for dragging this project out and working on it again. I did just that recently for an abandoned project and am wondering the same thing .... why hasn't this project been finished? I look forward to seeing more blocks done in the weeks/months to come.

  3. It's going to be a beauty! The red is so rich and pretty. I've seen so much red and tan combinations... never thought about red and taupe (that's what it is, right?). Really great. I, too, like hand piecing.


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