Saturday, November 21, 2009

Planning Future Projects

Yes, I know I have a UFO list over there in the sidebar sneering at me, but I just can't help thinking about the next new project I might begin. As I've been cleaning my sewing room, I've uncovered some buried treasures that are getting me excited to have a long stretch of sewing days ahead of me.

This (above) is a project from American Patchwork and Quilting called "Enduring Elegance." The fabric (most of it) is called Aviary.

This is a grouping of various fat quarter packs I've collected in recent years. What will they become?

Here is a kit I bought from one of the popular magazines (I don't remember which). It's called American Rose. Won't it be gorgeous?

I'm barely scratching the surface of the stash!
I could spend a year just working down the Kaffe Fasset collection I've accumulated! Doesn't that look exciting?

(Blissful sigh.)

I love quilting.


  1. Salivating over the Kaffe Fassett :-) Gorgeous colours

  2. wow love your stash, I do have a good stash but not like yours.
    I often order from the US as prices here are very high, our $ is nearly 1 to 1 with yours and we still pay $ 24-28 per meter for fabric.
    Thanks for sharing you beautiful soft florals and don't worry about your UFO list, it will still be there even if you start a new project.


  3. Your UFO list is not that big, lol. I see lots of very beautiful fabrics there that would make gorgeous quilts.

  4. I lovelovelove that American Rose collection. It reminds me a little of SSI's Gossamer Petals. Gorgeous!

  5. Nice stash! You will have a good time using these!

  6. Wow I am envious ;) You have some great stash
    Have fun quilting;)

  7. great stash. u should follow ModaBakeShop on twitter. i get much inspiration from their "recipes" for all cuts of fabric. love your blog.


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