Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Post of 2009

What a wacky month!

1. I still don't have my own computer, although I am studying laptop options very diligently.

2. I've made 2 trips to Jacksonville, FL, to see my son Adam. The second trip was a solo drive to deliver a pickup truck to him. I've never made such a long trip all by myself, so I consider myself quite the adventurer now! Southern Ohio to Jacksonville was roughly 850 miles. I did 650 miles on the 26th, and the remainder on the 27th.

3. And, alas, I could probably count the number of hours I've spent on sewing and quilting on one hand. It's been bad. However, I knitted a scarf and handstitched a boatload of yo-yos. So some handiwork has resulted from these hands.

My camera is chock-full of great pictures I want to post here on the blog, and my head is formulating post topics. Not many of the pics are of quilts; mostly I've chronicled the many and varied events of the month.

As I look at the year's accomplishments in the quilting realm, I will focus on the positives.

1. I've enjoyed the company of a new group of quilt friends who graciously invited me to join them every other Friday morning, 9-noon, for quilting and companionship. In addition to our regular get-togethers, we've taken a few jaunts to quilt shops, and one of the girls hosted us with our husbands for a dinner party.

2. I've made progress on my first quilt of retirement.

3. I finished several UFOs.

4. I began this blog.

I could probably come up with more, but it's late, and my thinking cap is drowsy!

I resolve, in 2010, to be a better blogger and a more prolific quilter.


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