Saturday, December 12, 2009

Technology Is Letting Me Down!

I am so sad to be all the way to December 12th, and doing my first post of the month!!  My computer caught a virus, and the repair guy is quite at his wits end as to how to fix me! I am posting this evening on my daughter's laptop. And there'll be no pics as a result.

So a lot has been going on in the 3 weeks since I last posted. We had Thanksgiving. Unfortunately for my son, a sailor in the US Navy stationed in Jacksonville, FL, he fell asleep at the wheel while making the trip to his Uncle Eric's near Tampa. He suffered a concussion, and a total loss on his car. Thankfully, no one else was involved, and he's determined to see the accident as positively as possible. How lucky to come out with only slight injuries!!

Because of his circumstances, (and being so far from Mom and Dad!) I flew down to visit him for a few days after the Thanksgiving traffic settled down. We had a great, albeit limited, time together. I last saw him in March! He looked good, and seemed really glad to have good old mom come for a visit.

I like Jacksonville, too! I felt as though I navigated around the city quite well. I rented a Ford Focus which suited me well, and my hotel was close to my son's home. Since his car was wrecked, I got up early to pick him up and take him to work at NAS -- Naval Air Station. It, too, was conveniently located to both my hotel and Adam's house.

While in Jacksonville, I used the free time I had while Adam was at work to scope out some quilt shops. I have some great pictures to share once my computer situation is rectified. I found 3 shops very close to me and one in particular was very, very nice. I dropped quite a sum of money with that fine establishment!

Unfortunately, I came home from JAX with a terrible cold, which laid me up for about 4 days. I've been playing "catch up" ever since, and finally feel like I'm up to speed today. Did some Christmas shopping with DH today, and did a bit of outdoor decorating, too.

So, for my 13 followers, that is a brief update on my life since the end of November.

My progress on the Thimbleberries Patchwork Snowflake Quilt has been so slow. I've finally got all 30 blocks finished. I am cutting out the setting blocks and the side and corner triangles.  Pictures, soon, I promise!

Merry Christmas!


  1. Glad your son is doing well. My son is in the Navy as well, but lives here with me. I love Jacksonville and have 2 sisters who live there. Did you make it to The Old Green Cupboard? I LOVE that store! There is also a great store in St. Augustine about 1/2 hr from JAX called Marguerta's Quilt store.

  2. The Old Green Cupboard was the one where I spent the most money! I took pics of the stuff I bought...scrumptious! I thought about going to St. Augustine, but opted, for this trip at least, to stay in JAX. I fully expect I will be making another trip down to see Adam, so I will definitely go check out Marguerta's. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Glad your son is ok and that you're feeling better! There are 57 of us who follow you through Google Reader ;).

  4. 57?? Now, I am technologically challenged, you see, and I have no idea what Google Reader is. Will someone please enlighten me? I sure would appreciate learning a bit! Thanks, Sheila, you've made my day!!

  5. Hi. Nice to meet you from Finn's Blog. I actually live in J'ville and just about 5 miles from the Olde Green Cupboard. How fun you were so near. I came to see some of your finishes. :) Again, nice to meet you. *karendianne.

    Living Life at LeeHaven

  6. I bet you have a lot more readers than you realise, they just lurk, lol. I'm so glad your son is ok and how wonderful you got to catch up. I hope you feel better and your computer problems are soon fixed. Have a wonderful Christmas.


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