Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What's on your design wall right now?

Last week when I was finishing up the Cheddar Cheese doll quilt, I took a photo of it on my design wall. I worked really hard to position the camera so that the rest of the items on the wall were not visible in the picture.

But I decided to take pics of the whole thing anyway, post about it on my blog, and see if anyone could offer suggestions about what to do with the blocks and fabrics I have had up on the wall for months and months.

Here is a shot from one angle:
There, in the foreground, is my doll quilt. Beside it is a panel I bought last June at the quilt show in Columbus. It is from the Minnick and Simpson line called Flag Day Farm. I had no plan for it when I bought it, but thought it was pretty and would make a nice center block for a medallion quilt, which I've always wanted to make. Lately, I've toyed with the idea of anything patriotic, perhaps with a few (or a lot) red stars.

The red floral above the doll quilt is a piece of Liberty of London fabric actually purchased in London. My friend Kay bought it for me when she went there in 2001, so that tells you how long I've had it! I hate to cut into it, so I'm thinking that I ought to use it in large chunks. Center of a star? Setting blocks for some simple design? I am just not coming up with anything that inspires me, as yet. Maybe some blog friends have ideas?

Here is a shot of the design wall from the other side of the room:

The two Churn Dash blocks in the foreground are meant to become pillow tops for a friend of mine who has this design on her barn. Our area's Historical Society has had an ongoing project to put blocks on barns, and it has resulted in some stunning sights. I made a boo-boo on the first one I did, so I made a second, thinking that I'd just keep the one with the boo-boo for myself. :-)

The smaller block above the Minnick and Simpson panel, is another pillow top, and is on another barn - my neighbor's, actually. It will need a border or two to make it big enough to become a pillow top, but that is my plan for it at this point.

I really need to get those pillows made and out to their intended homes. They'd be 3 really fast UFOs to get crossed off my list.

Back to the design wall.. .the jumble of stuff that remains ... Up at the top are 3 paper-pieced blocks. The two larger ones are from the Kaffe Fassett scraps left over when the girlfriends made my retirement quilt. The smaller one is a little block I made on a whim just to be doing something. I like the color combinations, and the simplicity of the block-within-a-block pattern. What that might someday become??

So, my questions to blogland:
1) what's on you design wall? and
2) what suggestions have you for my Libery of London fabric and my Flag Day Farm panel?


  1. Don't gasp but I've had a half made quilt on my design wall for two and a half years, lol. It gets in the way too so I covered it with a sheet to use the whole wall again. The liberty fabric would be great in cushions and the bandana fabric would look wonderful as a medalion, maybe with a patriotic theme.

  2. mine is bare - sad. just got home from being away and haven't started anything new yet.
    Actually, that's not totally true, I have a little doll quilt 4-patch thing on my wall that I'm making for a friends upcoming birthday.

    your dolly quilt choices are great.

  3. For the panel, try doing a round robin with yourself. Think about what should go around the panel, do that and only then think about what next. I did this with a string lone star, which resulted in a king-size quilt and a great time.


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