Monday, December 2, 2013


And I think he was truly a satisfied customer!

The t-shirt quilt made for my brother to give to his boss is finished and I am glad. It's a good feeling to finish a project and see it go into the hands of someone who truly appreciates it, and Mark was very appreciative.

This is my 6'6" brother Mark holding up the quilt and peeking over the top. His long arms are outstretched, so you can see the full quilt. I stitched about half the binding while watching the Buckeyes beat Michigan Saturday afternoon, and finished the remainder while at my family's Thanksgiving feast yesterday. It prevented me from going back for seconds! I didn't even get dessert! Smart move, on my part.

This is brother Mark and sister Carol. They are the youngest of my siblings. Mark is the father of those adorable little twin girls. Carol has 2 boys, a junior and senior in high school.

Here is my daughter Emma with the aforementioned twins. Emma was the youngest grandchild in the family until the twins happened along. That would be a 15-year age difference. Emma is 21 and the twins are 6. They are ready for the feast!

Hope your Thanksgiving holiday was filled with family and making memories. Ours sure was! Now on to Christmas!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Finished is good. I would love to have some of my projects finished.

  2. the quilt looks awesome. I have tees that I have to put into a quilt but am afraid of the stretching etc. any hints or tips? my brother in law passed away and had a ton of tees. I would like to make lap quilts for a couple of people out of them.
    family time is the best, isn't it?


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