Friday, December 6, 2013

Getting Enough

Can a quilter ever get enough 9-patches? I finally got to the point that I thought maybe it was time to lay my little collection out on the bed to see what I had. I knew I had 40 blocks, but how that would look on a bed, well, I just couldn't say.

I have spread all the blocks on the bedspread (satiny wine-color) and 40 blocks are just a bit too few for this queen-size bed. I would add perhaps a dozen more blocks.

The next decision is what to do for setting squares. Options I am considering:
        1. plain block - color undetermined (as in all options, for that matter!)
        2. HST block with lights and darks forming diagonal rows across the quilt
        3.Quarter-square triangle block plus a plain block - this would be similar to a quilt I made earlier this year. Click to read about it.
        4. Just quarter-square triangles blocks. I'm thinking this will result in making a secondary star design.
        5. More 9-patches in the reverse of these; instead of 4 lights and 5 darks, I would do 4 darks and 5 lights. Then when they all go together the quilt will look like a very busy checkerboard.

I'd best get busy!
Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. I always love anything with a secondary pattern, so that would be my choice.


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