Friday, August 29, 2014

An Impromptu Quilt Show

Last Friday when the Frankfort girls met at Terry's house, we were surprised by a big pile o' finishes from Sheryll! It was a surprise quilt show, I tell you. She has such a good eye for color, and her patterns are always so interesting and pleasing. I think you will enjoy the impromptu quilt show you are about to see. Go grab your coffee!

 I just about cut off all the borders on this, but I think you can see a pumpkin down in the corner. This will be a fantastic fall quilt in Sheryll's house.

 Here's a quilt that is going on my to-do list. I just love it, and think I am going to have to own one! Triangles appeal to me for some reason.

 This is a jelly-roll race quilt. It is atypical of Sheryl;s usual colors, but it turned out so nice!

 Very similar to the first quilt; I think they are both Thimbleberries patterns - maybe the same one(?).

 Hunter green and deep red-orange - this combo makes for a great fall quilt.

 Do you see all the playful movement in this quilt? Very appealing, as is the combination of gold and burgundy.
Another quilt featuring lots of triangles, and I'm loving it, too! Baskets with a sawtooth border. Very, very nice.

Now I have to tell a little story on Sheryll. She has been saying for several months that she's just not been very motivated to work on her sewing projects. Ha! I beg to differ! If this is what unmotivated looks like, then I want some of it! This looks like someone was motivated, wouldn't you say? I know what finally pushed her to get moving on these quilts - a lot of which were UFOs - the Circleville Quilt Show is this weekend, and several of these were going to be in it. So I suppose we were getting a preview of the real show. Since it doesn't look like I am going to get the chance to go to the show, this will have to suffice - and it does!

In addition to all of Sheryll's beauties, JoAnn and Sharon O. also had a couple of things to share.

One of JoAnn's granddaughters will certainly love snuggling with Gramma in this, I think!

The picture above is a bed scarf that Sharon made to liven up a plain bedspread. She broke out of her comfort zone and used batiks for this, and I think the results are quite appealing. It could also serve as a table runner for a long table or sideboard.

And this patriotic wall hanging is also by Sharon. What fun! I love those Ohio stars peeking out of the flying geese rows.

Terry and I didn't have anything to share. Maybe next time!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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