Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Reilly's Getting a New Quilt

Dear friend Sharon was over last week to sew with me, and I have been remiss in posting this very important update on the quilt she is making for her grandson Reilly - Rye, for short. The young man is quite the athlete as he participates heavily in soccer and tennis. At some point a while ago, Sharon promised him a new quilt, and I believe Rye has been (not so subtly) reminding her that she "owes" him a quilt.

The soccer team's colors are black, white and red, so Sharon selected these solid flannels to whip up a fast and easy quilt. It will certainly be wonderful for snuggling! Rye and his parents have just moved, and he finds himself with a new bedroom. Sharon reports that these colors will work perfectly in his newly decorated room.

Rye is going on 12, if I'm not mistaken. Those years have gone fast; I remember how excited we all were when he was born. You've met Rye before here in the Quilting Room; he made his baby brother a quilt just a couple of years ago. Click this link to see how he's changed. This link is from a couple months later after the quilt was completed.

Well, I have been commissioned to do a t-shirt quilt, so I need to make some significant progress on that today.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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