Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Another Mondo Bag!

I have not said anything about the second Mondo Bag I was making because, of course, it was to be a Christmas gift. Well, that gift has been given, and the recipient was quite pleased.

I used Kaffe Fassett fabrics, mostly scraps from previous projects. Only the lining and the handles were cut from large pieces. Here's a look at the lining:

I've said before but it bears repeating, I love my linings to be light-colored so that stuff in the bottom can be seen and found. Dark bag linings hide things too well.

We had a wonderful evening at DD#1's having our Christmas with them. They will be traveling out of state for the coming week, so we celebrated early. Dear Erin and her hubby Jeff had a lovely dinner planned; we took a walk over to the Scioto Mile in downtown Columbus; and finished off the evening with opening presents and dessert.

Our hosts prepared a delicious ham with all the fixings - carrots, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole with salad on the side. Yum-o!

For a new downtown apartment, they have really high ceilings, so the tree is a tall one - 9 feet, I think. In the year and a half that Erin and Jeff have been married, they have gone overboard on collecting interesting ornaments, too. At some point, a second tree is going to be necessary.

Christmas is almost here! I have most of my stuff done. I plan to spend a bit of time in the kitchen today and tomorrow, but I don't have major preparations to manage, thankfully. I have not mentioned that DS is home from Oregon for a couple of months. That is a nice surprise; we hadn't been planning to see him this Christmas. I will definitely be ready for DD#2 to come home late Christmas eve. It promises to be a warm Christmas this year, but when it's filled with family, the weather is inconsequential. A white Christmas would be nice, but family is nicer.

Merry Christmas, Quilting Friends!

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  1. I'm totally impressed that you made two of those Mondo bags. This one is beautiful! I never even finished the first one I started! Merry Christmas!


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