Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Finished T-Shirt Quilt

Just before Thanksgiving I put the binding on the t-shirt quilt I'd been commissioned to make for a local friend, Debbie. I hate to show these commissioned quilts on the blog without first making sure the customer doesn't mind. I feel that I should ask their permission to publicize something in case they might prefer privacy. Some folks might not want their quilts posted for public consumption. Debbie has been very gracious about sharing and has even offered to send me a picture when the intended recipient of the quilt opens it at Christmas time.

Enough talk-talk-talk. 

I am having trouble with my laptop, so I'm posting from my IPad. That generally results in less than stellar visual attractiveness. 

Hopefully all will be fixed soon.
Happy Quilting, Friends!


Nancy said...

I'm always impressed with t-shirt quilts. I can't imagine making a quilt with knit fabric because of its stretchiness. I love the green sashing on this quilt!

sewyouquilt2 said...

love it my niece wants to make one