Saturday, December 23, 2017

The January Plan

Sharon and I have cooked up a brilliant plan for our first project of 2018. We have talked it over, considered color options and fabric use; all that remains is to put the plan into action come January.

Back in March or so, I did a 5-part series on some antique quilts in a friend's family heirlooms. One of those quilts is the inspiration for the quilt we will make. I have no idea if there is a proper name for this design; Sharon and I may put our thinking caps on and give it a name - something clever, of course.

The two blocks used are the Monkey Wrench block and the Snowball block. I have no idea what size the blocks are in this antique beauty, so I just randomly made 6.5" blocks to see  how they would look.

After searching the stash and collecting a good variety of blues - mostly navy blue - and two suitable neutrals, I made two Monkey Wrench blocks and 4 Snowball blocks. I think this size will work just fine.

It will be fun to work on this quilt. The size of the units had been on my mind for a couple of days, so I decided to go ahead and play around with them so that I could see what awaits us. I next need to figure out how large I will make my quilt. When we are making up a pattern we can go with any size we like! My supply of navy is varied, but no piece is exceedingly large; I have many half-yard and yard cuts, along with many fat quarters. I will have to go with scrappy blues, which should work out fine. 

Are you planning your New Year's sewing? This is just one of many I have planned for 2018!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. These blocks are so pretty! I have been determined not to get sucked into any new projects this winter and just try to finish projects I've already started. But I love the secondary design those blocks make and I already have plenty of blue fabrics! Six inch blocks are a nice size. If I'm going to get lured into a new project, I'm glad it is something I think is lovely!

  2. I love this pattern! I immediately imagined it in reds. I may have to jump in with you on this one.


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