Friday, January 28, 2011

And Just Like That...

 . . . we have a doll quilt top finished. And I must say, I totally love it and am so glad to have started off my 2011 with a sweet little project like this. I give you Midnight Stars - A Doll Quilt:

I certainly had no plan to make it - I just happened across it when I was browsing the blogs. What a happy accident!

The background consists of 2 dark blues; I was using scraps. The outer triangles are of one navy; the central squares are of another. The picture makes the difference seem more pronounced than they really are, I think. The flash must have enhanced the differences. No biggie. I am pleased with it, and will decide about quilting it now.
Thanks, Lori!! This has been fun!


  1. I love your little quilt! I was tempted to make it and now I wish I had!

  2. It looks great, Jayne! This is one I'll go back and it!

  3. Fantastic!! I like the different blues.

  4. You were a lucky lady when you happened to find Lori's blog. This is her 3rd quiltalong project, and the first two I made were cute as can be and made by ladies all around the world. They were just enough challenge to keep them interesting, and they were small enough that I didn't feel overwhelmed if I got behind.
    I like the way you used 2 different blue fabrics.


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