Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 1.1.11!

I know! If anyone out there actually remembers this blog, then I hope you've not fallen off your chair! Sorry for surprising you like this, but I thought maybe I would attempt to start up the blogging again. My last post was in June! "Goodness gracious sakes alive!" as my mother would say.

While I've been missing in the blogging realm, I have not been missing from the sewing room. Here is one quilt top I've worked on. It is a Thimbleberries design called "Hour Glass." I was glassy-eyed by the time I got all those triangles sewn, pressed and assembled, let me tell you.
What do you think of the border? I am really pleased with it, and think those feathers really make a stunning statement. I followed through on one of my 2010 resolutions to use only fabrics from my existing stash. I am very pleased with my finished top. It's getting added to the pile of quilt tops I'm amassing as I attempt to justify a "someday" purchase of a long-arm.

This is a picture of my friend Terry's quilt called "Dressmaker's Quilt." Isn't it gorgeous??? I love it so much that I borrowed her pattern, and am making one of my own! I have the center portion finished. I had to put it away for the Christmas holidays. I am ready to begin those log cabin border blocks. Of course this is another quilt that I was able to stick to that stash-use only resolution. YAY!!

So, I guess I'm back for blogging. I really can't explain why I lost interest in it for so long. And I'm not entirely "gung-ho" on it now, really. If anyone has any words of wisdom, I'd sure like to hear it. Do bloggers get into funks like this?


  1. Your quilts are wonderful. I like both -- and it looks like they are both king size? I like to blog - never had had much of a following except for some family and close friends, but I don't keep up very well on a routine basis. It's just that it takes time, and between teaching and quilting and the pug and husband and grandchildren and and and...

  2. Both of those quilts are lovely...and it's good to see you back ;)

  3. Jayne! Hello! I love your hourglass quilt and the border is perfect! Isn't it a great feeling working from the fabric collection? And OMGosh the Dressmakers Quilt!?!?! LOVE! I'm going to have to find this pattern.

    I'm glad you're back. Blogging involves no excuses, so you just post when you feel like it! :o) Happy New Year!


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