Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Calloused Fingers

While I have officially become an absentee blogger, I have still managed to eke out a few minutes here and there to stitch. I expect there are cobwebs forming in my sewing room, as I've barely darkened the door up there. Downstairs,  however, I have my quilting frame set up and have used evenings for quilting.

Back at the beginning of October, I brought out the brown and pink lap quilt (which had been on the frame - untouched - for a year). I needed it for the history day demonstration. Instead of putting it away again (what I did last year!), I've just kept it out and bit by bit, I am getting very close to a finish on this! Yippee! I have calloused fingers to show for it, too.

So, with grading essays taking up so much of my time, I have just a thread (pun intended) of quilting to hang onto. There's really not much to blog about! I will likely remain infrequent in my blogging until fall quarter is over. Aaahhhh, I do look forward to a day in about a month when Sharon and I have scheduled to meet for sewing, like we did all spring and summer. Also, another friend usually does an "event" on or near Veterans' Day, and I even know what I will work on for that, if she has it again this year.

I did get a squishy envelop in the mail a week or so back. It was from one of my blog commenters who sent a package of scraps for Amie's postage stamp quilt. How nice. This is the 2nd reader/follower who has done this! (Here's the first.) Amie will certainly have a diverse group of donors when she finishes up this long-term project. (Read about it here.)

A mish-mash of colors and styles! Perfect for the scrappy look Amie is going for with her endeavor. I must get these in the mail to her ASAP.

An odd occurrence appeared in the sky to our south about a week ago. It looked like a rainbow, but it was neither sunny nor rainy where we were. I was driving home, but managed to grab my camera and shoot a couple of pictures of it when I slowed down for curves. (Tsk, tsk! Taking pics while driving! I would admonish my children for doing this!)

It looked like fire on the horizon. Very cool, and I'm glad at least one of my pictures shows it in a half-decent way.

This Friday, I am hosting the Frankfort girls for quilting. I already know the dish I am preparing for them. I've experimented twice with it for my family and it's getting big thumbs up. I will share with you bloggers, I promise.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. I love the pink and brown quilt The colours are just so warm and cuddly-looking. Hmm, can a colour be cuddly?

  2. Ouch! Youch! I can feel the prick of the needle, just looking at the photo of your fingertips.
    Pink and brown are such a sweet combination. Such a nice project to use for your demonstration.
    It sounds like you're finding sewing time as best you can among your very busy days.
    Happy stitching.


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