Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hello October!

A few days ago, we had some really strange weather here. A very pronounced cold front moved through, dipping temps well below normal, bringing rain and wind and clouds with it.

Conditions just perfect for a rainbow. This was the best picture of the dozen I took. Chasing rainbows is not all I've been up to lately however. I've been bitten by a new bug - Pinterest. Have you discovered it? Let me just say I now know what addiction is.

But I digress .  .  .  just looking over there at the tally of posts month by month, it's plain to see that I really have backed off on blogging. And I really don't want to, but it's just this crazy time of year - fall quarter, grading essays, outside obligations that force blogging way down on the to-do list.

Today, that outside obligation was Greenfield's History Day, sponsored by the Historical Society - that same historical society that I worked with this summer on the pictorial book. History Day is an annual event which opens all or most of the buildings owned by the historical society. Folks come in to see the society's holdings and special displays. Artisans and crafters also demonstrate their expertise. Yours truly was on hand to demonstrate hand quilting.

It was a wonderful day; I visited with so many people who shared stories and memories about the quilters in their families. A few folks came by who themselves were quilters. And the bonus? I got a whole lot of quilting done on this year-plus-old quilt.

I have some extremely sore fingers as a result of quilting all day. I began at 9am and finished up around 3:30. Fingers look like mince meat. *owie*

It's hard to make time for blogging, but I am still trying to get as much quilting done as I can in what time I have available.

Happy quilting, Friends!


  1. Sometimes I think we put too much pressure on ourselves about our blogs. We do them for fun, so if we sometimes don't have time/inclination/whatever, it doesn't matter surely?

    I love the look of the quilt you're working on. It looks as though it was the perfect choice for the day as the fabrics all look to be 18th century reproductions.

    Sorry about the sore fingers though.

  2. Jayne I love the quilt you're handquilting! Fabulous!

  3. After our family and ourselves, then comes the quilting with the needle and thread. And after that comes the blogging.
    You're doing just fine, and when you have something to share and the time to share it, then we're ready to enjoy your thoughts and progress.
    I totally agree with QuiltSue. I started it for fun, and even though I have a little button on mine that says "Blogging without Obligation," I feel personal pressure to post even when I don't want to or have nothing to say. That's not fun.

    Sorry about your sore fingers. I like the look of the quilt you worked on.


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