Sunday, October 9, 2011

Every Other Friday

That's how often the Frankfort girls get together for stitching, coffee and conversation. I always have such a great time with these girls, and look forward to our little events. This past Friday we were at JoAnn's who had to play hostess on her birthday! It was the first time since Sharon's toe surgery that she's been mobile enough to get out, so we celebrated not only a birthday, but mobility as well.

JoAnn was hand-embroidering some of the elements on this fall wall-hanging. Doesn't it look fun? Very playful. I wish I would think to do projects like this. I make quilts and table-toppers. Period. I really think this will be adorable when finished.

Sheryll has another neat embroidery project under way. I tend to shy away from so much handwork, but Sheryll doesn't let the time-consuming nature of handwork intimidate her at all. She does so much and does it so beautifully.

This is one panel of three that will go on a primarily black and beige quilt with a wintery look to it. I really like it, but oh! do I really have the stamina for embroidery?? I just don't know!

And dear Sharon of toe surgery fame continues to work on her patriotic wall hanging.

For most of us, we keep the projects for Friday just for Friday! If we aren't prone to having handwork readily available, we save the one for our get togethers only. So, don't be fooled - Sharon gets lots of other stuff done and works on this only when we girls are together.

Terry brought pictures of her son's wedding, and instead of sewing, she sorted and organized the pictures for scrapbooking and sharing. The pictures were plentiful, so the sorting job was involved. The wedding was on the bride's family farm, with cornfields in the background, straw bales for seating and cowboy hats on the groomsmen. Except for the heat, the day looked like it went well.

I worked on my Schnibbles wall hanging. It is completely quilted in the center; I am now deciding how to quilt the borders.

Next post, I will share the fun we had celebrating my mother's 75th birthday. We had a huge surprise party for her. Such a fun day...stay tuned!!

Happy quilting, friends!

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