Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas-y Creations!

Lately, I've been somewhat focused on a few little items for Christmas. While I was digging around in the bin of Christmas fabrics and related whatnot, I came across 2 UFOs that I didn't even know existed! How is it that a person can make something halfway, then put it away for say, 10 years, and then when it is unearthed not recall anything at all about it??? There has to be some mysterious force at work here.

Ahem - well, enough of theorizing, let's look at those mystery projects!!

This single, unfinished hand-pieced block resided in that bin which I turned into a candle mat. In trying to solve the mystery of this piece, the clues show up on the back:

Childishly traced pieces and childish cutting. Something tells me that I was giving someone a little project to work on while Mommy was busy!  Erin or Emma?? Haven't a clue, truly. But a little girl cut them out, that's for sure. The stitching is mine, not a child's. Cutting was as far as we got with this little girl!

Another find in this Christmas bin was a holiday tablerunner. The stars are paper-pieced. It's been ages since I've paper-pieced anything, so again, not much to go on to figure out how long this has been around. But, I finished it up and will use it on the coffee table in the front room.

Do you recognize this fabric?? It's Roman Holiday - in woven, home dec!! I have absolutely been in love with Roman Holiday since it came out however many years ago; I wish I'd bought way more of it than I did. Who new it would be scooped up so quicky by quilters?? Well, here's a cool story. In May, when I went to Berlin (Amish Country/Ohio) with Kay and Sherrie, I saw a table draped with this in Mrs. Miller's Dry Goods store. I went on a hunt for the fabric and found it in the basement where all the bargain fabric is located. I bought the entire bolt - maybe 12 or more yards! I cut it in half; one half went to Sharon in July for her birthday, and the remaining half I kept for myself!! I hemmed it earlier this week and threw it over this round table. In this picture the tablecloth is doubled; but when I extend the table for Christmas, it will fit perfectly!

Last but not least, I made a stocking for Erin's boyfriend. He will be here for Christmas and she asked if I would make a stocking for him. This was the reason I was digging around in the Christmas bin in the first place! I found the pre-quilted red and the cotton checked fabrics, used an existing stocking for a pattern, and created this. It looks a little wonky, but it'll serve its purpose, right?

Are you all getting your houses ready for Christmas?? Most people are probably done by now...not me!!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. So you ended up with 2 bonus items really then, as you didn't know you had them!


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