Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Projects Keep Finding Me

Over there in the sidebar where I have my list of 2011 goals you will see that I am doing rather well with getting this list nearly done this year! Makes me pretty happy, for sure. As I take stock of the year's work, it appears I can focus on getting specific things done - glad about that.

One thing I have not mentioned lately is the way projects seem to be finding me. I can think of three off the top of my head that have appeared on my horizon.

Two weeks or so ago, when I was visiting Grandma, she indicated to me that she had some things for me. This always excites me just a bit, because it's usually quilting related, and I love looking at her quilting goodies. Some of it is soooo dated - antique notions, thread, patterns, trim, and so on. It's just so neat to see how she quilted throughout the years.

This stack of goodness is what Grandma handed over to me. Trust me - a whopper of a project resides in this bundle. (Remember, now, there were quite a few projects in the boxes from under Grandma's bed that I posted about earlier. Add to those, these that I'm about to detail for you.)

The box on the bottom contained all of Grandpa's neckties. I did not take them out of the box to count them, but I estimate that there could be as many as 60 ties here! Grandpa was a farmer, so it's surprising that he'd have so many ties. However, Grandpa and Grandma were very involved in activities that required their attendance at meetings, conventions, dinners, and such. They were quite involved with the Ohio Fair Managers, Federal Land Bank, Farm Bureau Council, political activities, and, of course, church. Grandma said that she'd always intended to make a quilt with Grandpa's ties, but just never got to it. I know it must have been quite a goal for her by the amount of books and patterns she had amassed.

On top of the ties, Grandma had also given me all those necktie-related books, magazines and patterns she'd collected since 1997 (the year Grandpa died). Quite a few!! It seems she couldn't decide which pattern to make, so now the decision is passed on to me! Gracious! How will I ever decide??

The two neutral fabrics are extra wide backing-sized muslins. The blue is just some yardage she had stored with the ties. She isn't quite sure, but Grandma thinks she planned on using these for constructing a quilt with those ties. Some things are getting a bit fuzzy for her, so she is not certain, but I would say if the fabric was stored with the ties and the patterns, then, yes, she was planning this fabric for those ties. She has always been the most organized person I have ever known. She may not remember putting this fabric with the ties, but that must have been her plan at some point.

When will I ever make this project?? I have no idea. I'm not even allowing myself to think much about it until after the new year.

The next project was a 2-parter. I belong to a women's civic organization here in Greenfield, and our fundraiser for this year has been selling a woven coverlet highlighting several landmark locations around town. We also sold related totes and pillows. The company we dealt with sent a 2-panel sample of what the tote would have on it, which we were allowed to keep. So I volunteered to turn these panels into totes. I bought a yard of upholstery fabric at the Ben Franklin for $5.98/yd. and made both totes on Thursday night and Friday morning. Easy, really, and it's for a good cause. Our entire purpose in this organization revolves around giving back to the community.

The final project?? Well, it's one that I got myself into willingly. Remember when we celebrated my mother's 75th birthday? I made squares for guests at the big celebration party to sign with the intent of making a signature quilt for her. I have the fabric selected for the project, I just need to figure out the method I will use to make it.
I remember counting the signed blocks, and I think I have around 80. I have 2 charm packs of Fig Tree fabric - Buttercup, I think - and want to make square-in-a-square blocks. So, I must get crackin' on that in the new year. It'll be a top priority, definitely!

So, in the midst of doing projects of my own choosing, I am getting a few "extra" things in the queue, as well. I imagine we all have that from time to time.

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  1. I look forward to seeing what you do with the ties.

    I have a similar box of DH's ties; I have saved everyone he thought he had thrown out, many of them are silk. I have no idea what to do with them!


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