Saturday, December 17, 2011

Something for Myself!

In the midst of all that I should be doing for Christmas, I up and make myself a bag. Now, I never have claimed to be a zealot when it comes to focusing on a job, but we are just 8 days out from Christmas, and I definitely have other, more pressing obligations.

But I've wanted to make it for so-o-o-o-o-o-o long! Here's the story:

Quilts and More, Winter 2009.

This "Super Simple Tote" caught my eye from the very moment I saw this issue. I had plenty of Kaffe fabric from which to choose; I found a suitable stripe for accent; I purchased the fusible batting.

Back in the summer, I asked blog readers what to do with this wonky cutting mat.

One suggestion was to use it as base material in bags. That struck a chord with me, so I saved it back for just this bag!

Now let me tell you, that "Super Simple" tote turned out to be quite a doozie of a project. First of all, fusible batting is used on both the outer fabric and the lining fabric - this makes for very bulky work. Second of all, that cutting mat was a killer to cut, and I kept having to shave off sides to get the piece to fit nicely into the bottom of my bag. Third of all, these layers of outer fabric and lining fabric called for quilting before construction, so I got to test out my machine quilting skills (they aren't very good, in case you were wondering).

Before finishing, I told DH that not a single Vera Bradley bag is overpriced!! These things are a lot of work! And this one doesn't have any hardware - no snaps, buttons, zippers, clasps, etc.

Finally, I finished it. And I love it! *big grin!!*

 It needs a good pressing and the lining could fit better, but for me I think it will be just fine. If I were to make another one (and I just might!), I believe I would not put so much batting in it. Pockets don't need batting. Also, if I make another one, I will cut the lining slightly smaller than the outer layer. That will reduce the excess that I am finding in this first version.

Always learning, aren't we?? I am going to watch the Buckeyes this afternoon and work on that knitting project for DD#1's boyfriend. That, and intermittent laundry folding. Later we are going to Hillsboro for Mexican and a visit to Grandma's.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Your bag looks great. Thanks for the hints, in case I jump in and make one some day. I'm pretty sure that magazine is somewhere in a stack labeled "read these again."

    So nice you found a practical use for your wonky cutting mat. My DH left one of mine in the back of his van on a hot, summer day and wasn't too concerned with its wavy condition. His solution--put newspaper on top to "protect" it and weight it down with bricks. It stayed wavy with the addition of words imprinted here and there. I WAS UPSET. He bought me a new one. :)


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