Friday, January 3, 2014

Feeling Industrious

I'm feeling industrious, but I know that I still have to take my time. Daggummit. Sitting at a sewing machine or leaning over a cutting table puts too much stress on a newly fused spine, so I have to work back to that gradually. If I do misbehave, (and I have) I feel it in the very low tailbone area. Owie!

Instead, I have been reading blogs and have found in just a very short time, several quilt alongs that are starting this new year. They all look like fun, and the quilts will look spectacular. I wonder if I could keep up if I tried to join in?

Let me tell you about them. Maybe you'd like to join a quilt along. You never know.

1. The Fat Quarter Shop's blog, Jolly Jabber, has a project called Wishes Quilt Along. The blocks will be big at 14" square, and the first one is available on the blog now. A 9-minute video will walk you through all the steps in constructing your first block. It looks like lots of fun, and I'm seriously considering joining in.

2. Monique Dillard at Open Gate Quilts is offering a quilt along called Blogger Girls Block of the Month II. I watched her '13 version, and wished I'd joined in - it was so pretty. This one looks to be just as wonderful. The 13 blocks for her quilt measure 6", and the finished quilt will be 59" square. There are some very pretty setting blocks and sashings that form interesting secondary designs. Also, 5 other bloggers are doing the quilt along with her, and they will each feature their different looks on their blogs. It's so very tempting!

3. Judy at Patchwork Times has a year-long quilt along that she's calling Tell It To The Stars. The directions for the first block are online, now, and it sure is a pretty thing. Blocks for this quilt will be 12" finished. I need to read through her blog a bit more carefully. Somewhere I believe she said she'd list yardage needed, and I have not located that. Regardless, I would love to join her quilt along, too!

4. This next one is from a magazine, but a lot of bloggers are participating. American Patchwork and Quilting magazine is doing a quilt along called Tone it Down. If you get this magazine, it is introduced in the February 2014 issue. Directions are in the magazine, which is currently available. It also gives you a list of all the bloggers who are quilting along, and each one, of course, will feature a uniquely different look.

5. For several years a couple of bloggers have hosted a quilt along called A Year of Schnibbles. The second year and current activity is being called Another Year of Schnibbles. This is a nice quilt along because Schnibbles (patterns by Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie's Quilts) are small-ish, and you can participate - or not - as you have time. I have made 3 with them. Remember these?? They are all from 2010. I will direct you to Pink Pincushion, where you can read up on the details, if you are interested.

Sunday Best.
So there are a few of the quilt alongs I've come across in my perusal of various quilting blogs. I am sure there are lots more out there.

This post has been long on words and short on pictures, so I will finish off with 2 cute pet pictures. These are from Christmas morning.

Rocky, DD Erin's cat, was thrilled with the boxes and wrapping left in the aftermath of the morning's festivities. He has personality plus.

Steve is loving all over his new squeaky toy. This lumpy football-shaped toy has been tons of fun, as we have been kicking it all over the house and he's been eagerly chasing and chewing it.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Oh dear, oh dear. Where shall I start? The temptations are great. So many quilt-alongs and limited time. Thanks for providing this interesting list, Jayne. I'm definitely considering at least two of them.

  2. Here's the URL to the fabric requirements for Judy's QAL.

    I think it looks interesting too!

  3. These quilt alongs are so tempting aren't they? I printed out the blogger girls last year and followed the all, but have yet to make the quilt. I'm off to check out patchwork times to look at theirs. I have never sewed along with the girls, always saying I don't have time. Maybe I should join one and sew along then I'd possibly make time for it?


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