Monday, September 8, 2014

Frankfort Girls

We met at Sharon O.'s house on Friday morning and we were busy as always. Sharon was unpiecing a project she was dissatisfied with, and then repiecing it. No pictures to share, but perhaps I will have at some point. Sheryll worked on appliquing the borders on a quilt she'd made of her father's flannel shirts.

Isn't that a great quilt? I love how bright the plaids are, and how she's arranged the colors. Sheryll says that a couple of these shirts were quite threadbare; in my opinion, those would be the ones I'd think she'd remember the best. What a great way to pay tribute to a hard-working father.

Terry worked on binding a quilt that she'd quilted for a customer. It was a Grandmother's Flower Garden pattern made with solids in what we would call 30s colors. Again, no pictures.

We were missing JoAnn who was away on a trip - to Italy!! Oh my gosh how I'd love to go back there! I can't wait to see her and hear about all that she saw.

As far as what I worked on, you will be happy to know that I have a UFO in the portable quilt frame, and I began hand quilting! I am using the method that Laurie Simpson recommended, and I am feeling a bit of trepidation about it! I hope I am satisfied with the results. I will have pictures to show you tomorrow on that.

I had a fantastic weekend with my husband and my mother in Columbus. About 20+ members of our extended family converged on the city to take in the season home opener of our beloved Ohio State Buckeyes. Except for losing the game, the weekend was fantastic. I met cousins I'd not seen in years, and their children and some spouses, too. It was absolutely the best time. In addition to all the family and football stuff, DH and I had a chance to stop by our daughter's offices over in Reynoldsburg, take a stroll through German Village and the ever-popular Book Loft (32 rooms of books!), take a drive up High Street and through campus on game day (mayhem!), take a second drive on High Street the morning after the game (peaceful), and stroll around the Park of Roses in Clintonville. All in all, a very enjoyable weekend.

Above it s picture of the Park of Roses. What a wonderfully serene place in the heart of the city. We really enjoyed our brief walk and could have walked so much further had we not been so anxious to get on the road for home. It was a beautiful spot to be sure.

I'm off the teach some classes! Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. My daughter got engaged in the Park of Roses... fun to see! Sorry about the loss.


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