Monday, September 22, 2014

Home Again, Home Again


I used to say that little nursery rhyme phrase to my little ones when we'd pull into the driveway. And I still say it today, sometimes, nearly 30 years later!

It's good to be home, and I am ever so grateful to have had the break from things for a week in a dreamy paradise. I'd never before been to Hilton Head. What a fantastic resort! A vacation in September is also something I'd never done before, so I really reaped some experiences, didn't I?

Here's a little diary of the week's highlights, heavy on pictures, light on words.

These 3 condo complexes are where we stayed. Our specific condo was on the 4th floor of the middle building. That lop-sided canopy on the beach is ours; we had some wind issues and dropped the legs on one side to prevent our canopy from sailing off down the beach.

We got up every morning to watch the sunrise. Every morning had clouds, but that doesn't ruin the effect. We still had great views. While watching the sunrises, we had our coffee and tea.

Then a few of us donned our walking shoes and headed down to the beach. We walked every morning, and I used the walking app on my phone to measure distances. Most mornings we walked 2-2.5 miles. The picture above is a cloudy morning walking northeast.

And this picture is a brighter morning walking southwest.

We observed dolphins just offshore, lazily swimming to some unknown destination. They appear to be waving when they lift up out of the water.

We had fantastic dinners each night in the condo. This is the menu from our last night: fresh steamed shrimp, leftover quiche, fresh tuna steak, apples, pears, and other leftovers from the fridge. We had to clean out everything before leaving.

We also had delicious lunches out at local restaurants. This is my lunch from Redfish, a restaurant we all loved. I had a Cuban panini, sweet potato fries, and jicama slaw. Redfish got good reviews from all of us.

The last beach day, Friday, was exceptionally windy and overcast, but it didn't deter us from our time by the ocean! Here are five Frienzes with a high tide, wind and sand in our faces, making the most of our final afternoon.

Hopefully all 8 of us will be able to take a vacation together someday.

It was wonderful! I will report on our sewing progress soon.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful vacation experience. I'm looking forward to reading about the sewing part of it.


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