Friday, September 5, 2014

Loose Threads

What a lively group! There were close to 40 women at yesterday's meeting, and they are the sweetest bunch of gals! So welcoming, so complimentary, so helpful - it was a pleasurable morning, to be sure.

Just look how industrious everyone is! Aren't all quilters the same, though? We don't waste any time that can be used for hand stitching.

To begin each meeting they have a sharing time. Quilts both finished and in progress are laid out across the backs of the meeting room chairs. Doesn't that make an inviting display?

Here are a few closeups of their work. Wonderful stuff! Certainly inspiring.

I spoke to the ladies about some of my recently completed quilt tops and interspersed that with remarks about blogging and the ever-growing community of friends I am making through blogging. Then, I topped of my presentation with 6 or 7 boxes straight from Grandma's closet - I showed them the contents and we all had comments and questions - it was a very interactive sort of exchange. I really enjoyed the day, and the Loose Threads ladies made me feel quite the special gal!

Afterwards I went out to cousin Marilyn's to visit a bit with Aunt Nina and Uncle John. Just topped off an already wonderful day.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. sounds like a great day. the quilts are gorgeous. isnt it nice to get inspired by others work?


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