Thursday, December 11, 2014

I'm An Artist (No, I'm Not!)

Remember about six weeks ago when I went to a class to learn calligraphy? Here's a link to it, if you want to be reminded. Well, the organization that sponsored it had another artistic opportunity for artist-wannabes this past Saturday night. I was gifted a ticket by DS Adam. Even though the Buckeyes were on and I really wanted to see that thrashing of Wisconsin, I went to the art class.

This time, the event was called Wine and Canvas. Attendees could BYOB and receive instruction on painting a wintery scene - a red barn with a big wreath and lots of sky and snow.

It's a humble effort, but if I could explain to you how bad of an artist I am, you would be beyond impressed with this. If I had the paint and brushes, there are things I would do to work on it more. We had time constraints, and I was forever catching up to the instruction. Mixing paint in the proper quantity was tough for me, and it slowed me down.

Tomorrow, I will show you pictures from a Holiday Home Tour that included my neighbor Dorothy's house. It was on Sunday, and I helped!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. You know, I'm sure you said you're NOT an artist? You're telling little porkie-pies aren't you? Your picture is fantastic.

  2. love it. not an artist........pft.........


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