Sunday, November 29, 2015


Whenever we travel to my husband's hometown which is over 2 hours away, I try to take some stitching so that I can be busy while in the car or sitting around while visiting. The various in-law know that I'd much rather stitch than play cards (their preferred pastime), so it works out well.

For the Thanksgiving trip this weekend, I took my trusty little box of 2.5-inch squares. I have been adding to it in recent months and it was brimming over. My purpose this time: 4-patch blocks.

I have a good start on some as-yet-unknown quilt. This stack has 22 blocks in it. Just a wild mish-mash of fabrics. True scrap-quilt material. I have pressed them all, but obviously haven't gotten around to trimming. Those stringy appendages will be cleaned up eventually.

They go together really fast, as you can imagine. I made most of these while watching the Buckeyes whoop up on the Wolverines yesterday. Go Bucks!!! Sweet, sweet victory!

I have plenty more 2.5-inch squares, so I will just continue to make these little blocks. All the while, I am considering my options for setting it together. Pinwheels? Half-square triangles? Flying geese? Just plain blocks? Time will tell.

Have a fantastic Sunday, Friends!

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