Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cheddar Cheese Doll Quilt

I have thrown away scraps that are bigger than the pieces I am now stitching!

The allure of Lori's (Humble Quilts) precious doll quilt had me upstairs going through the stash, pulling a boatload of fabrics. I enventually found myself cutting a 1 7/8-inch square diagonally. Do you know how small that is??? That is a teensy-tiny  peice! So small that I couldn't even see myself sitting at the sewing machine to make these blocks. For me, hand-piecing is the only way to go when pieces are so small.

I have not enhanced these pics with PhotoShop, so you're seeing them as my camera saw them.)

So, I hunkered down, fully expecting these to be quite a bear to piece, but guess what?! It's easy! I couldn't believe how quickly I got my first block finished.

So, I am happily picking up needle and thread whenever a moment presents itself. This is the beauty of hand-piecing -- a seamstress can do it in the family room, socialize with loved ones, watch tv, or fill a few extra minutes while waiting on the roast to finish or the dryer to buzz. I am going to get a bunch of squares ready to sew and take them with me to the Friday morning quilt group get-together that I've joined. (This group really needs to have a name...)

I am also working on a back for a quilt that has long needed to get to the longarm gal. Plus, tomorrow begins the Ben Franklin sale, at which time I intend to buy 8.5 yard to back my Snowflake at Dusk quilt.


  1. This is one reason why I always have some hand work to play with ..... you are always with family and not shut away sewing with a machine. Good for you to be able to make those tiny blocks by hand!

  2. What lovely hand piecing you do! I'm glad you didn't let the size intimidate you!!I can't wait to see more of your little quilt.


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