Sunday, January 31, 2010

Finishing Strong in January

January is over! My, that sure was fast. I've ended the month getting a lot of sewing completed on the Broken Dishes blocks. Rather than to describe it all, pictures will do...
Squares are placed right sides together and a diagonal line is drawn - to guide 1/4-in. stitching and for cutting.

Next, I complete the quarter-square blocks. Another diagonal line has to be drawn. It is a big job when so many are needed.
After pressing the blocks open, arrange them in a pleasing arrangement to be sewn. You might be able to see the clear 12"-square ruler under there. After pressing, I have been putting them on the ruler to transport them from ironing board to sewing machine.

Here is my growing stack of broken dishes blocks. All Kaffe Fassett fabrics, as it's a pattern featured in  his book, Kaleidscope of Quilts.

These blocks are laid out on my kitchen counter. That blue one in the upper left is what the border is made of - larger quarter-squares than the interior. I am about half  done with all the interior blocks. I don't have any great driving urge to have this done quickly, so it's hard to say if I will stay at this for awhile or not. I may, or I may get motivated to do some other project. If that occurs, I will at some point come back to continue working on this.

Do any of you blogger friends work with such little purpose? I think I ought to get more done, and I probably would if I had more drive and determination. Oh well...

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