Sunday, June 20, 2010

Back Home

Good Old Home Sweet Home - trips are always nice, but I love being home, in my own bed with my own stuff. Petting my dog, opening my mail, checking my messages. Routine stuff, but my stuff on my turf.

Before we left, Emma wanted a new purse. She dug through my Kaffe/Westminster collection and came up with 2 fabrics that worked fabulously together. We made up a pattern with all the features she wanted and voila! Here's what we ended up with, and I think she is a very happy camper.

Doesn't she look like a happy camper?

I will post full vacation recaps as soon as I possibly can. This is the last of my "scheduled" posts.

I haven't forgotten that I promised a giveaway celebrating my 100th post sometime while we were away. Hope I can come up with something fun and worthwhile for a giveaway...this is not my forte!


  1. Sounds like the trip was wonderful. And such a great bag!!! Welcome home.

  2. Emma has great taste! Happy Quilting!


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