Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bloggie Update

Today has been spent trying to give my blog a facelift. For quite awhile now, I've wanted to create tabs across the top that show the quilts and quilt tops finished since retiring. It has taken me several tries, but I think I've arrived at a look I can be satisfied with. I was then able to weed out some of the redundant sidebar gadgets that I'd had over there. That bit of housekeeping and organizing has made me very happy.

No prom dress updates to report. DH and I are getting ready to go out for dinner and one of these:

We love the margaritas made at this one Mexican restaurant in my home town about 35 minutes from here, so we go just about every Saturday night for dinner. Our kids think we are turning into old fogies in our predictability, but what do they know? They rarely turn us down when we offer to take them out for dinner at this establishment. Maybe they are just interested when Dad and Mom are paying the tab.

Have a great evening, Quilters!


  1. It's amazing how their tastes change when Mom and Dad pick up the tab, huh!? LOL Would you believe our little town (pop. about 8000) has FIVE Mexican restaurants! We have our favorite, and we go at least once a week! :-D Enjoy your routine Saturday nights!
    Mary Lou

  2. Hey, I've been doing a bit of blog housekeeping too and I made a couple of pages!
    I know my kids love it when they come out to eat with us. I hope your meal was wonderful.


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