Friday, April 29, 2011

Service Returned

All the rainy weather caused our internet to go out! Water leaked into the control box (for lack of a better name!) where our internet comes into the house, causing a short. It took us all week to figure out what the trouble was. Small troubles for us, however, when most of the southern US has faced real troubles. God bless those so devastatingly affected by the destruction of those tornadoes. It's heartbreaking to see the rubble left behind.

A quick catch-up, and promise to provide pictures when time permits: I finished the prom dress; prom is tomorrow (Saturday); book club had a lovely discussion of Henrietta Lacks; have a yard/garden full of spring blooms.

Not only do we have a lot going on in the remaining month of our youngest's last month of high school, it seems we have extended family obligations and friends with needs.

Happy quilting, friends. Take a few stitches for me, as I'm away from my needle with all these other priorities!

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