Monday, November 28, 2011

A Lot of Quilts Live at Sharon's House!

Since so many of us are quilters, we really don't think about how many quilts we have. It should come as no surprise that my good friend Sharon has a plethora of quilts on display at her house. Wanna' take a little tour with me? I thought so. *grin*  Okay, so  here we go!!

Straight into Sharon's front door is a stairwell, with a landing about 10 steps up. That landing offers 3 walls perfect for hanging quilts. Currently, she is diplaying red and white quilts.

This is her retirement quilt that some of you may remember. Looks pretty good!

This is a beautiful toille quilt. I have never made a quilt using toille, but I have some toille fabrics in my stash. This may have to be a new year's goal.

Catch your breath...ok? I know!! Stunning, isn't it? Well, this is an heirloom! Sharon's beloved grandmother made this quilt. It just seems so fitting that Sharon has it, given that she is a red-and-white gal! Serendipity, I do believe!

This Ohio Star quilt hangs over the bannister of one side of the landing. I don't recall how long ago Sharon made this quilt, but my grandmother did the hand-quilting. How's that for a full circle??

The opposite bannister on the landing sports a blue and white quilt. This is the dining room, and is decorated in blue, as seen in the wall-color.

Remember Rose? You met her back in August. She's done quite a bit of growing, but is still 100% puppy. She can survey our sewing activity at the dining room table from this location.

This narrow bargello quilt hangs on the wall near her fireplace. Doesn't it look great on the golden wall? (The paint color is called Cider Toddy.)

This is a Rose quilt...waiting...

It's Rose's quilt! Sharon uses it to cover the cage that Rose sleeps in. Perfectly apropos, wouldn't you agree?

Draped over the armchair in the dining room, Sharon displayed this bowtie quilt, another one that was her grandmother's. I never got to meet Sharon's grandma, but I can tell that she was a very special lady, much like my own grandma. Many times over the years, Sharon has referred to her "Mammaw" with devotion and love.

This festive French country quilt adorns the wall in the half-bath.

This pineapple quilt is also in the halfbath. Yellow and blue are the go-to colors in this small room, and these quilts work perfectly.

Finally, this scrumptiously inviting flannel quilt was folded on the living room sofa; you can be sure that some books have been read under this cozy beauty! It's been loved, for sure!

I can think of one quilt I failed to photograph. In the dining room, the blue room, another toille quilt hangs above a tall chest/buffet. (You can catch just a smidge of it in the earlier photo with Rose on the landing.)

End of tour! Wasn't it great? Sharon and I have tons in common, but she far surpasses me in the home decorating department. I have no imagination when it comes to doing creative things with my abode, but Sharon has taste on top of taste when it comes to decorating her place. Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. thanks for sharing the pictures of Sharons home and quilts. oh my I love red and white quilts , beautiful.
    the blue and white one I have wanted to make for awhile now
    Whats better then a flannel quilt in winter?

  2. What fabulous quilts, specially the retirement quilt. Thanks for showing them to us, and thanks too, to Sharon for letting us see her quilt show.

  3. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I just loved all of the quilts!!!

    I saw your comment at Crazy bout quilts, and well...I am putting your name on my side bar as joining the Thimbleberries group...if you don't want it there, let me know.


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