Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Retail Therapy

Last Friday four of the five Frankfort Girls took a little trip to Marion, OH, to shop at the Christmas Open House at Good Wives Company Quilt Shop. It was a lovely trip and we had some lovely shopping. I did not go totally crazy with my purchases, but I did get a few 1-yard cuts to enhance the stash.

Here are my purchases from Good Wives:

Good Wives specializes in reproduction fabrics, as illustrated with these lovely pieces. I have no plan for any of these fabrics; they just struck me as useful and pretty and calling to me to join my stash. I complied. *smile*

After a good lunch at an Italian restaurant in Marion called The Warehouse, we headed south toward Columbus for a stop at Red Rooster in Dublin. Again, I did not need a single inch of fabric, but I managed to find a few fat quarters that struck my fancy.

 I'm thinking of making some crafty items with these pieces. I prefer not to be too specific about the particular items in the event that they become Christmas gifts!

And then I found these random 3 fat quarters and for some reason they just struck my fancy, so I brought them home, too.

I know, I'm hopeless. I've tried for so long to use from the stash. I sorta' fell off the proverbial wagon, didn't I?


  1. You may have "fallen off the wagon", but what great fabrics you found to cushion your fall!

  2. I see some new purses!

  3. Sandy, is that a hint? Are we drawing names? I've seen some neat change purse-type patterns online - free ones. I'm thinking I might try one to see how I do. :-)


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