Sunday, September 29, 2013

Small Victories

Finding myself back in school and teaching 3 classes, I am really struggling to find time to devote to sewing and quilting. That's a real bummer, too, as I have some really fun stuff I want to work on!

In the bits of time I am able to find, I have continued to work on the little tumbler quilt I began, mostly on a whim, several weeks ago.

At the beginning of September, this was my progress.

I spent an afternoon straightening up my Kaffe tub which resulted in a hefty stack of tumblers to add.

I just love working with these fabrics, and the variety is fantastic! Cleaning up scraps is fun when the fabric is as gorgeous as this.

Not much progress, but progress, nonetheless. I need to be figuring out what I will do with this so that I will know how much more I want to add on. At present, it would be the size of a doll quilt. It could also be used as a table-topper or small wall-hanging.

Need a closer look? *grin*

I hope you are getting more accomplished than I am! I fear I am not going to get my goals for the year finished, and I don't even want to think about that Ten Things This Summer list I created. Sad.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. I have the Accuquilt tumbler die cut...I need to do this with some of my scraps. Nice!

  2. What gorgeous riot of colour this has become. I just found out Kaffe is going to be in my geographic area this week, and giving a class but of course it is full now. Debating whether to pay to go to his lecture on colour the night before.


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