Monday, September 2, 2013

A Fair Ribbon

Yes, I know the Ross County Fair has been over now for a month, but I was just putting away my quilt and thought maybe you all would like to see my very first ribbon awarded for a quilt.

I had many categories from which to choose, but the category which suited me best was "Unfinished Quilt."

Rings true with lots of us, I'm sure.

Back in November of 2010, I finished this top. It is simply called Hourglass and it is a Thimbleberries pattern.

I was in a blogging funk in late 2010, so I didn't introduce this quilt until January of 2011. If you are interested, you can click here to read a bit about it.
So, I took this flimsy to the fair and entered it. Had no idea what I was doing, having never done it before. There was much paperwork to be done! Not knowing any better, I took a second quilt along to enter, but I found out that a person can only enter one quilt per category. Duh. Makes sense that I wouldn't want to compete against myself.
Anyhoo, I went back at the end of the week and discovered that I had won third place! I was very pleased, and a bonus! There was a $2 premium to go with it! Now, that is sweet, right?
Well, there is a bit of old business for you. I do have some new business, and I will tell you all about that in tomorrow's post!
Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Congratulations on your ribbon. I do hope you won't let the 2$ you won change your lifestyle though.

  2. You've never had a ribbon before? Why the heck not because your quilts are absolutely beautiful.

    Many congratulations and as Sue said, don't let that financial windfall go to you head!


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