Friday, August 7, 2015

Another Fun Getaway

You might think all I've done lately is gad about, and possibly that could have a shred of truth to it. After a two-day trip last week with DH to Lake Erie, this week I took a two-day trip to Wooster with Sharon P. to visit our dear friend and former co-worker Dee. We three spent the earliest years of our English teaching careers together, and became quite close. While we haven't spent a lot of time with each other in the intervening years, we did remain in contact, and try to have some form of a visit every year or so.

Wooster, OH, is a really cool town! It is close to Amish Country, and we spent Tuesday afternoon there, where I made some awesome purchases. Then on Wednesday morning we toured downtown Wooster, and then had lunch at a beautiful hillside establishment that was quite a pleasant experience.

Our visit inconvenienced a couple of members of our hostess' household, namely DD Ellen and family pup, Wayne. They don't look too put out, though, resting with this flannel quilt. Sharon and I made the quilt for Ellen several years ago as she was undergoing cancer treatments. She is now cancer-free! And she loves her quilt, by the way. *wink*

 Dee was an English teacher when she worked with Sharon and me; she later returned to school to become certified as a librarian, and worked in public school libraries until her retirement. Now she works at the Wayne County Public Library; she took us on a tour of her workplace, and it is an impressive library.

 This is the spacious central lobby and checkout area.

 And just off that area are these stately curved stairs.  I said it before, but it bears repeating - this library is exceedingly impressive.

 Dee works here in the children's area. She does lots of story times and prepping and planning. They have so much to offer their patrons; I can't imagine that anyone could come away from this library disappointed.

 After touring the library, we walked around downtown Wooster and stopped in at a lot of shops. This one, Local Roots, was particularly intriguing. 

 Another cool shop was this Hungarian pastry shop; we each had a cup of coffee here. The selection of pastries was immense. I didn't want anything, but if I had, I would have had a hard time deciding.

And here are we three - friends since 1979-80. We had a delightful lunch at Pine Tree Barn on the outskirts of Wooster. And we had a delightful visit catching up with our dear friend. I think we will make the effort to do it more frequently.

Now, I mentioned above that we went to Amish Country on Tuesday; I will show you what I purchased in tomorrow's post, so come on back, y'all!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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