Saturday, August 1, 2015

Finishing Some Handwork

Before leaving for Lake Erie, I prepped some hexies for stitching. I didn't do anything with them while we were away. But, I was prepared!

Since being home, I have finished off all that I'd prepped. Here are some of them.

The finished POTC block looks like I've put different colors on the outermost corners, but that's just a trick of shadows or camera operator. They are all the same, trust me.

Those two centers above, are mostly my experiments at getting accurate with fussy cutting. I think this is something that will require a good amount of practice. I think I will enjoy that process. 

I did finish the remainder of what I'd prepped, but I failed to take pictures; I will make sure I do that and show you soon.

Today, I have 3 beginning seamstresses coming for that 16-inch pillow class. Same class as the last one, but different students - mostly those who said they wanted to do it, but were unable to make the first go-around. I promise to get pictures of all the creations.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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