Monday, August 10, 2015


Several weeks ago - possibly bordering on months ago - I was working on a fun little project using up leftover bits from my Snowbird Stars quilt. You remember those cut-away parts from flying geese units? You can refresh your memory by clicking here. 

Anyhoo, I was immensely unhappy with how the final quarter panel looked - it was just too darned big to "ease" it all together.

Now how do I face setbacks such as this? You know me well enough by now if you said 'chuck it all aside and forget about it.' That's how I always deal with something when I discover that I've made a mistake - large or small. I guess I don't handle adversity or setbacks very well.

Since the local favorite MLB team had an afternoon game yesterday (Cleveland Indians vs. Minnesota Twins), I brought the dreaded "unsewing" job downstairs to pick apart while we watched the game. Since I ultimately needed to trim all of those HSTs, I also brought down the travel iron, little pressing board, rotary cutter and ruler so that I could go about completing the task all while the game was on.

I was trimming the last piece when the Tribe made the last out. And we won!

So, today I plan to take all the newly trimmed pieces back to the sewing machine and get this thing put together once and for all.

Later in the day, yesterday, we had some guests in our yard. We'd seen this family several times earlier this summer, but never this close to the house.

These first three pictures are the back yard, and we only saw the mama and one baby, but when we followed them around the house, guess what we saw?! Two babies!  These next three pictures are our front yard.

Have I ever mentioned that I love living here? I do; I really do.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. you had quite the lovely visitors. we too have a mama and twins that frequent my back yard. she loves my lilac bush and most of my flowers in that flower bed are eaten. I am thinking by them.
    supposedly they love my roeses too.
    but hey, you need to feed your guests right?
    nice job unpicking those. it will be pretty once you get them done.

  2. Nicely rescued there. You have some lovely visitors there, but they must cause damage to your gardens?


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