Friday, August 14, 2015


Have you been as enthralled by the Perseid meteor showers as I have? Late Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights - and into the wee hours of the following mornings - I headed out to the yard to gaze at the heavens. Nothing like looking at the vast array of stars, constellations, milky way and meteors to make a person feel the immensity of the universe. It provided ample time to be both awed and introspective.

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I wasn't disappointed in my meteor viewing. All total I saw 39 meteors. There were just 8 the first night. I didn't stay out long, as I just spread an old quilt out on the ground to lay on. I was uncomfortable and cold! I wimped out after only about 20 minutes.

The second night was supposed to be the best night for viewing, according to all the reports I read or heard. DH had brought out a reclining lawn chair for me. I rounded up two quilts - one to drape across the chair and one to wrap up in - and I stayed out about 45 minutes. That night I saw 24. I was really sleepy and spent as much time with my eyes closed as I did open! Not a good way to observe meteors, is it?

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Last night I was out for over an hour and saw 17. I really wanted to stay until I saw 20, but I just couldn't stay awake any longer. I called it quits at a little past 1am. Of the 17 I saw, three were particularly impressive. They had long, vibrantly bright tails and streaked across a good portion of the sky. So perhaps Wednesday night was supposed to be the best night according to the experts, I personally thought last night was better. I kept score as I saw them - 13-3, for example. This meant I saw 13 for-sure meteors, and 3 that I thought maybe I caught a glimpse of out of the corner of my eye. I wasn't sure, though, so I kept score of the sure things as well as the maybes.  I wish I'd done this on the previous two nights, doggone it. Oh well, maybe I will remember next year. My score last night was 17-6.

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These three pictures were all found in a yahoo search of the internet. I selected them because they most resemble the views I had from my yard.

Today, I went to Sheryll's for our Friday morning sewing. I worked yet again on ripping out parts of that darned "extra" project using the HSTs from the Snowbird Stars quilt. I don't think this much work was what I had in mind when I began stitching those triangles.

After I finished "unsewing" I worked on cutting out and pasting some EPP designs.

Pictures to follow, soon, I hope!

I had a noteworthy phone call from DD#2 yesterday afternoon. These kids really don't call anymore - they text. So getting a call meant something important. And it was. She announced that she had just finished the final two requirements for her degree. She was officially finished as an undergrad student. Whoo-hoo! You may recall that we had graduation in May - well, that was ceremonial. The real diploma will now be in hand. She had to do one class and an internship this summer. Those are both finished, and so are the written components of each - a paper and a portfolio. Whew!

Let the job offers begin!!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. how cool. hubs and I used to stay out and watch but I have to be up bright and early 3 am for work so I dont get to see them. thanks for letting me "see" your views.


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