Monday, May 23, 2016

Frankfort Girls Update

Friday morning found me playing hostess to our little quilting group that I have fondly dubbed Frankfort Girls, even though not all live in Frankfort anymore. Nonetheless, it helps me to differentiate, so that is what I go with.

Brunch consisted of an extra-gooey, yummy sticky-bun (recipe courtesy of Pinterest) complemented by a big bowl of fresh strawberries. One freshly cut rose from my DH's bushes dotted table center.

On the counter, I put more flowers from hubby's gardens - these full and fluffy irises which have been especially showy this year.

Our numbers were small; only 50% strength! Three were absent; three attended. Here's a look at what we worked on.

Jan was stitching the binding on a fun fall-themed quilt that she colored with crayons.

She purchased the set of panels as line drawn designs, and used regular school crayons to color each one, even going so far as to blend colors. (Jan knows a little bit about coloring; she was a primary school teacher in her previous life.)

Sheryll worked on quilting a patriotic wall hanging that looks simply spectacular. I'd love to have this to display for the Fourth of July.

My own work consisted of continued quilting on my 6-pointed star quilt. If I can make myself maintain my current pace, this quilt might actually be finished soon. I recently moved it - again - to a new section and have begun running into edges! This is significant progress!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Where did you find such cute Halloween blocks? What fun!


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