Monday, May 9, 2016

Monday Musings

Did you moms out there have a nice Mother's Day? My absence here on the blog should indicate that mine was very happy. Too busy to both write a post and to read all the blogs I like to keep up with, so those are good signs of a happy Mother's Day weekend.

I hesitate to share a photo of one child's gift when all were quite generous, but flowers do make a lovely picture, don't they? Dear son, you may recall, has gone back out West, so I did not get to enjoy visiting with him in person; these flowers and a phone call sufficed.

I did get to spend time with both daughters, just not together. We drove to Columbus on Saturday and went out to a fancy restaurant with DD1 and her husband. Italian; upscale; within walking distance of their downtown apartment. We had a great time.

On Sunday, DD2 was home and we just had a long day of "together time." It was wonderful. I fixed a nicer than usual breakfast, and her boyfriend was here for an easy supper. She took more furniture back with her to their new apartment, along with a plate of chocolate brownies from good ol' Mom.

I called my own Dear Momma and we have set up a sewing date! Have I mentioned that she wants to make a quilt?? Yes, this is true; I will be cutting a "kit" for her since she doesn't have all the fancy cutting stuff. We have set a tentative date of Thursday for me to go over and spend a day sewing with her. Since she taught me to sew, there will be no "teaching" on my part; I think she just wants help with the old sewing machine, and tips on chain piecing.

My quilting activity these past few days has been to re-establish callouses on my quilting fingers. I worked on the 6-point star a bit Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I have made decent progress and the fingers are toughening up quite nicely. The picture above is a repeat from a recent post, but I can tell you that most of the unquilted stars in this photograph are now quilted. I am very near to having to move to a new section! Yay!

Happy Monday, Friends, and Happy Quilting!

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  1. Together time is the best present but you are right, flowers make a better picture. Glad you had a good time. Sounds like a fun time planned with your mother. How adventurous of her to want to make a quilt.


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