Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hidden in the Recesses

Many years ago, I signed up for sample packs from Benartex fabrics. I got them for about 2 years, and I suppose they came 3 or 4 times a year. In all those years up to the present, I have never done anything with any of those packs. I've had them stored on a shelf in the sewing room where they have basically been collecting dust.
Remember these oldies, but goodies? Keepsake by Nancy Johnson-Srebro. Harvest Melody. Nancy Kirk's Civil War Collections I and II. The Quiltmaker's Gift. Past and Present by Fons and Porter. Cherry Jubilee.

So what does one do with these? I'm open to suggestions.


  1. I used to get squares of fabric when I started and had no stash and it's all that I could afford so it all went into scrap quilts. I think the repros don't date and have become treasures now.

  2. Sell them to me!! LOL Y'know because my stash just isn't big enough ;)

    Maybe sew them together for pillow cases? Or dinner place mats?

    If you go the selling route or even just give them away, perhaps you could just donate the proceeds for your favourite chairty?

  3. Make the Civil War Bride Quilt or team up and make something scrappy with a friend :-) Or I know Join in with me and make the Nearly Insane quilt. Those fabrics will be just perfect. Boy I sure wish I had all those little lovelies on my shelf. Have a great Weekend

  4. I also used to get those packs for several years. I wasn't always interested in the pattern that came with them so they sat. I have used them when I was teaching my (now 9 yr old) granddaughter to sew and quilt. That was before charm packs and pre-cuts were available. We started when she was 7.
    Maybe purses, totebags, etc where you could piece them together and then use as a piece of fabric for a pattern. Now that you mentioned it, I think I will hunt up the rest of mine and give them to Mia to "play" with.

  5. I've made Pressed Flowers (pattern from The Rabbit Factory) and Lover's Knot out of charms. You look like you have a nice assortment.


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